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Tender of the Dead is a side quest in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


Once magical siege stone has hit and triggered The Creeping Darkness, Junia will walk out and, if talked to, ask for help clearing the dead.


Kendra's Body, Herdrin's Body, and Lexa's Body will need to be moved to the altar to the northwest. As they weigh a combined 400 pounds, they may need to be moved one at a time or by different characters.

Junia will then ask that Tharantis, brother of Kendra, be notified of her passing. He is standing guard inside the walls of the fort, through the exit to the southwest. His feelings can be handled a number of ways, but eventually he will ask after his sister's golden necklace, which was not on her body, and Junia will need to be asked about it.

When Junia is told of the missing jewelry, she will reveal that she has been suspicious of a supposedly cleric of Chauntea that vanished around the time the drawbridge was drawn up, and suggests the party go look for him in the forest to the east of Bridgefort.

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During the conversation, Junia is pressed, she will start making some mistakes regarding her faith in Lathander the Morninglord, which she claims is due to exhaustion. If Gorion's Ward is a Paladin or Cleric or Glint is in the party, they will be able to point these out, eventually culminating in her revealing her allegiance to Velsharoon and summoning 3 Wights. When killed, she too will become a ghoul. Once killed a second time, the party will only have to talk to Tharantis, which while leaving much of Junia's actions and motivations a mystery, will skip to the end and the reward for this quest.

If the party heads north and then west from the forest side of the teleport circle, they will be able to see Ymori's Body in a small clearing. If the body is picked up, it will animate into a Wight and 6 Zombies will erupt from the ground and attack. After being re-killed, there will be Ymori's Head, Kendra's Chain, and Herdrin's Short Sword +2, on the ground.

If either Edwin or Dynaheir are in the party, they will recognize the signs of Velsharoon, a deity of dark magic and a patron of necromancers, on the corpse.

Returning to Junia, she explains that Ymori was the cultist of Velsharron and the one stealing from the dead, so she had to kill him and cleanse the area of his foulness. If the explanation is accepted, it's time to return to Tharantis, and gain your reward.

If instead one of the multitude of conversation topics is chosen that accuses her, Junia reveals her allegiance to Velsharoon and summons 3 Wights. When killed, she too will become a Wight. Any difficulty of this combat is offset by the nearby Frair Tajik, who immediately begins casting beneficial spells, first on himself, and then those that will affect the party, including Chant.


Talking to Tharantis will offer a range of choices that will determine the reward. Giving back the necklace without mention of a cost will gain 3,000 XP and +1 Reputation. If instead, money is demanded, he will offer 50gp and a Protection From Petrification scroll, and the party will still gain the experience but lose 1 Reputation. If THAT offer is declined, the Reputation loss still occurs, no experienced is gained, and Tharantis attacks, as well as three other Bridgefort Defenders, one of which is in a tower and cannot be manually targeted.

Goading Tharantis into attacking is the only way to keep the necklace with it's +5% resistance to slashing, as the necklace is not placed in his inventory, so it cannot be pickpocketed or taken from his body later.