The Temple of Yondalla and Alvanhendar's Fine Wines is located in the Gullykin area, in the northwest corner of both the area and the village. Alvanhendar himself offers the usual temple services (Healing, Donate, Buy and Sell, Identify) under the name Alvanhendar's Healing and Sundries. Quite the entrepreneur, Alvanhendar is.

Note: In the enhanced edition this is the shortest trip from Durlag's Tower (8 hours) to a store with identification abilities.

Healing[edit | edit source]

Cures Price GP
Cure Light Wounds 50
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Serious Wounds 100
Slow Poison 150
Raise Dead 600-10000 [1]

Items for sale[edit | edit source]

Store Information
Sells for150%
Identifies for100gpItem lore100
Alvanhendar's Healing and Sundries
Item Stock [gp][pot 1] [gp][pot 2]
Potion of Healing IPOTN0800001 Item icon BG1.png Potion of Healing 20 112 50
Elixir of Health IPOTN1700001 Item icon BG1.png Elixir of Health 20 375 167
Antidote item icon BG2.png Antidote 20 150 67
Stone to Flesh Scroll ISCRL3P00000 Item icon BG1.png Stone to Flesh Scroll 17 225 100
  1. Normal: valid for charisma below 16 and reputation from 10 to 14. Scales to double price at reputation 3, 10x at reputation < 3.
  2. Cheapest: valid for charisma above 19 and reputation of 20.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Probably due to an oversight, he will not identify bolts, but will identify arrows and bullets.


  1. Cost varies depending on customer's alignment
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