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The Temple of Oghma is the only temple in Candlekeep. A priest of The Lord of Knowledge offers services here.

A tutor, present in this temple of wisdom during the Prologue, will explain how the services are used.


The temple offers the usual services available at all temples found throughout the Sword Coast. Healing and resurrection for bodily health, donations for keeping in good faith with the deities of Faerûn, and identification of unknown items.

The temple also sells the typical healing potions and scrolls sold by all temples, however, it won't be restocked when you return to Candlekeep in Chapter Six.

Note: The prices in the following tables show the temple's rate and do not regard modifications by charisma or reputation.


Healing gp
Cure Light Wounds 50
Dispel Magic 200
Remove Curse 500
Cure Serious Wounds 100
Slow Poison 150
Raise Dead 100 (prologue)
1200 (chapter six)


Item Stock gp
Potion of Healing 20 112
Elixir of Health 4 375
Antidote 15 150
Stone to Flesh Scroll 15 225


Rumor Journal
Only during Prologue

"I heard there's some sort o' trouble in Nashkel. Somethin' sinister has been moving about in the Nashkel mines. Nobody seems to know for sure. Too busy coping with the bandit raids and such."[1]

"Troubles in the Region: Bandit Problems

There are rumors of something disrupting operations in the Nashkel mines, contributing to the iron shortage.

Only during Prologue

"Lots of trouble down in Nashkel. Monsters or some such are said to be killing the workers at the Nashkel mines."[2]

Only during Prologue

"You hear of the Midsummer fair down in Nashkel? I hear it's actually doing quite well, despite all the trouble that town's had recently."[3]

"There is a festival east of Nashkel. Many people are gathering there."

"Iron's so scarce these days, you'd think it was as valuable as gold. Not a good thing, not a good thing at all. Ain't going to be long before no one can afford to be well equipped. What will the guards do then?"[4]

Only during Prologue

"Troubles in the Region: Iron Crisis

Iron continues to be scarce, driving prices of tools and weapons ever higher.

"It's been really weird these past few months. Iron's been going bad, falling apart almost if it were rustin' for no particular reason. From what I hear, most o' this "bad iron" comes from the mines at Nashkel. Can't trust those Amnian miners; probably some scheme they've come up with."[5]

Only during Prologue

"Troubles in the Region: Iron Crisis

Iron from the Nashkel mines is nearly useless when smelted. People suspect that the denizens of Nashkel are doing it intentionally, as part of some grandiose plot in the service of Amn.

Only during Chapter Six

"Hear about the heroes of Nashkel? Some good folk—mercenaries, it's said—came down and solved all that town's problems. I hope they weren't helping just because of the money."[6]

"Tales of my actions are spreading, though I'm not sure I like the term "mercenaries.""

Only during Chapter Six

"I hear relations haven't been going too good 'tween the two powers in this region. The Grand Dukes supposedly accused Amn of all the raiding that's been happening along the roads. Not a good thing to go accusin' the most powerful country in the western world."[7]

"Rising Tensions with Amn
Tension seems to be building between Baldur's Gate and Amn.

Only during Chapter Six

"I hear some units of the Flaming Fist have been sent to Beregost. Seems like the Grand Dukes are getting real paranoid about Amn. Lots of people think that Amn might be behind the iron shortage. Could be a prelude to war."[8]

"Rising Tensions with Amn
Tensions are growing in the region due to the supposed threat from Amn, though the evidence I've seen is somewhat confused.


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