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Telana is a human Wild Mage living in the Hidden Refuge, she is the wife of Hayes.

Pardon my husband. It is a pleasure to meet you, <CHARNAME>. I am Telana.


Telana and her husband are part of the wild mage group currently hiding from the Red Wizards in the Hidden Refuge. Telana is apologetic regarding her husband's gruff demeanor to outsiders. She provides essential dialogue and information to drive the necessary plot elements.

She is one of the survivors that wasn't taken captive after the Red Wizards who sacked and destroyed the refuge later in the questline.

If the party takes vengeance on Hayes betrayal later in the game, the party can return to Telana and try and close out the whole sad affair, including presenting her with the Bloodied Tunic of Hayes, which can be awkward depending on dialogue choices.


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