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Tazok's Tent is the largest tent found in the Bandit Camp. Inside are four of Tazok's henchmen - Britik, Hakt, Raemon, and Venkt - and their prisoner Ender Sai. No matter the reply to Raemon's dialogue, fighting is the only option. If you keep the battle to the inside of the tent, the bandits outside will not turn hostile. After the fighting, talking to Ender Sai and investigating Tazok's chest will help determine your next course of action as the chest contains the letter necessary for closing out Chapter Three and beginning Chapter Four.


Once you've dealt with the four enemies and spoken with Sai it's time to loot the place. Starting with the trapped(Disarm: 20) chest and moving clockwise, the chest contains 2060 gp, two letters, a scroll of Stinking Cloud, Agannazar's Scorcher and Horror, and the bracers called Legacy of the Masters. The barrel contains a Potion of Magic Blocking, the sack contains 340 gp, the barrel close to the doorway is empty, and the sack near the doorway contains 410 gp.

Outside, around the periphery of the tent and the storage area next to the tent, lootable containers are plentiful. Beginning with the raised platform around the tent: The crate is empty, the large chest is locked(70) and contains a Short Sword +1 and 134 gp. The small chest is locked(50) and contains 87 gp and a Potion of Fire Breath. The barrel near the doorway is empty and the sack contains 95 gp.

On the ground in front of the tent, the sack near the left corner of the platform is empty, the sack close to the stairs contains 76 gp and the locked(70) chest near the other corner contains 34 gp and a Wand of Fear (10 charges).

Around the storage area, the chest near the crates is locked(40) and contains ten Throwing Daggers. The chest near the barrels is locked(40) and contains a Medium Shield +1 and 23 gp. The sack contains 56 gp.


  • Reading the second of the two letters reveals the first known instance that Sarevok's name is mentioned in the game.