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Tarnor the Hatchetman is the leader of The Hatchetman's Party, a band of heavyweight hitters who are encountered within the Sewers located beneath the Temple District in the city of Athkatla.

Tarnor is dressed in a suit of superb enchanted full plate, has an excellent enchanted shield, and wields a rare and magical throwing axe. He is the current leader of a mean group of skilled adventurers, so be prepared for a challenging fight. Tarnor is a 13th level dwarven fighter who slings and swings Hangard's Axe. This magical throwing axe deals deadly damage as he is a grandmaster in Axe weaponry. The magical axe has a range of 20 ft., and then returns to his hand automatically! Tarnor is the only member of the group that will make brief conversation once a member of the party comes into view.

See The Hatchetman's Party page for tips on how to beat these guys in a fight.


"What the what? Strangers walking in our midst! Whose blasted job was it to keep watch? Spoiled our hidin' for sure!"

"Blank stares all around! All right then, I alone get the spoils! You there! Hand over your loot, or I split your skulls wide! 1,000 gold will do!"

1 - Not a chance. I'm not paying for simply walking by!
"Then you will fall before the might of my axe! Maybe I'll let Gallchobhair and Draug have a piece of you as well!"
2 - I don't want any trouble. Can't we just part amiably?
"The answer would be no, and I now demand a yes or no answer from you! 1,000 gold or your lives! Will you pay?"
2.1 - All right, yes!
2.2 - No, I will not!
2.3 - My answer will be the heads of your friends on a pike!
3 - All right, here's your damned gold.
"A wise move! Now run along, greener, and flee to your momma's arms! We've business to discuss!"
4 - I think you had best hand over your own, or I'll end your life where you stand!

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

People involved[]

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Installation of the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod makes some minor revisions to Tarnor. He is assigned a default SCS tactical Fighter script for smarter combat behavior, threat recognition and targeting decision logic. He now has 2 pips in the Sword and Shield fighting style, which boosts his AC vs. missiles by -4 bonus. Random SCS treasure is also placed in his inventory. Tarnor will close to within thrown missile weapon distance and attack as his primary method at range. If a party member closes to melee range, he will either try and retreat back a bit and continue his missile attacks, or just engage in melee combat.