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Hi, friend. I've not seen you here before today. What brings you to the Friendly Arm?

Tarnesh is a mage who tries to assassinate the party near the entrance to the Friendly Arm when you first approach the steps. He does this in order to collect a bounty.

It is not possible to talk oneself out of this situation – it will end in hostilities.

Another assassination attempt[]

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I was at the Friendly Arm Inn and someone tried to kill me! He was apparently a bounty hunter! Why do these attacks continue?[1]

— Journal (Baldur's Gate)

Another stranger tried to kill me today, this time at the Friendly Arm Inn. Who keeps sending these assassins?[1]

— Journal (Enhanced Edition)

Bounty notice[]

Tarnesh carries a letter with him which turns out to be a notice about a bounty on the head of Gorion's Ward.


Be it known to all those of evil intent, that a bounty has been placed upon the head of <CHARNAME>, the foster child of Gorion.

Last seen in the area of Candlekeep, this person is to be killed in quick order.

Those returning with proof of the deed shall receive no less than 200 coins of gold.

As always, any that reveal these plans to the forces of law shall join the target in their fate.


  • Tarnesh is the first major "boss" fight in the game. If you have any difficulty with him, the Guards in the area will help. There are usually several on and near the stairs, just pull him near one or two.

Mage Book[]

This encounter is notoriously deadly for players new to the game.

Tarnesh has 3 different spells:[2]



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