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The Tanner Shop is a multi-level building near the center of Athkatla's Bridge District. This building is the home and workshop of the tanner, Rejiek Hidesman.


Entrance to the shop is from street level into the first floor. Below that is a basement which leads further down to a hidden, indoor dock and cargo area.

Tanner's Shop 1st Floor[]

Here, Rejiek Hidesman can be found. When confronted with sufficient evidence he will flee to the lower levels. Under certain circumstances, an encounter with the Tanner's Thugs might also occur here.

A large cargo winch stretching through a square port in the floor takes up most of the center of the room. Crates, wicker baskets, a work table, and stairwell down fill up most of the rest of the room. There are two containers, the table and one of the baskets. See this Tanner's Shop 1st Floor link for further info and a map of this floor.

Tanner's Shop Cellar[]

The cellar doubles as a living area complete with beds, table and chairs, stove, and the cargo lift. There are also the scant remains of dead bodies. Containers include the bed to the left, an armoire, and the stove. See this Tanner's Shop Cellar link for further info and a map of this floor.

Multiple traps are placed in this location.

The Human Flesh and potentially the Inspector's Body can be recovered here, along with minor loot.

Also found is the Tanner's Letter, a note that provides a clue leading to establishing contact with someone who can finish the Human Flesh armor.

Tanner's Shop Dock[]

The party will be attacked by 2 Ghasts (×2), one or two Rune Assassins, and a Bone Golem (if Gorion's Ward is of sufficient level) the first time you enter this room. See this Tanner's Shop Dock link for further info and a map of this floor.

Here you see a large crate in the center that has yet to be winched upstairs, a rowboat, cantilevered cargo gantry, and walkways down to piers.

Clicking on the pier to the right give the player the message:

"A ship was recently attached to this platform and made a hasty getaway into the cavern's depths."


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