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Tanner's Shop Dock is connected by a staircase to the Tanner's Shop Cellar. If you are entering this area for the first time, then you are pursing the fleeing Rejiek Hidesman as part of the Solve the "skinner" murders in the Bridge District questline.

As you come down the wooden staircase you see an area that is partially open to the waterside. There is a dock landing, a cargo crane, and one watercraft tied up. Another has slipped its tether and is fading away into the adjacent seawaters. A strangely garbed man with glowing eyes and tattooed countenance stands ready, even as you see two horrible Undead creatures drooling and approaching. They may be ghouls of some sort. You see no sign of Rejiek, perhaps he is escaping in that skiff in the distance.

You address this stranger and will have dialogue choices. Vellin Dahn will reply, and in the end, he will say "And there will be no mercy for you. Yours is a grave crime, for you have interrupted the work! It must continue, and your skins shall be the means! Vellin Dahn does so command!"

At this juncture the stranger will magically teleport away, and very soon afterwards incoming combatants are teleported in to slay you, including a Bone Golem. There may be others, as you can barely discern that something is present, and may be hidden or invisible by some means.

Soon after an attempted (or successful) backstabbing attack will be performed, you'll observe two Rune Assassin rogues. These attackers have Fighter/Thief class and will have a superior THAC0 modifier, to go along with their extraordinary strength.


You may search any containers in the room and find some valuables. If you wish to check for traps first, then go ahead and do so. A highly recommended action.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

People involved[]

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The Sword Coast Stratagems mod will make revisions to the Rune Assassins, providing them with SCS thief scrips for smarter tactical behavior and vulnerability recognition.