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Tangled Oak Isle is a mod for Shadows of Amn that adds a new district to Athkatla: An island in the sea just outside the city wall.

It is part of Lava Del'Vortel's "Athkatlan Grounds" mod series.


The isle has an inn, tavern, temple, lighthouse, and more.
Besides various mini-quests, you can investigate the sickness that has befallen the Tangled Oak (the isle's namesake), which leads to additional new maps.

How to start the quests[]

Quests that start on the Tangled Oak Isle:

  • The Tangled Matter:
    Talk to Finn below the oak.
  • ...but who killed Jaalv?:
    Complete "The Tangled Matter".
  • Moomik's Request:
    Talk to Moomik in the lighthouse.
  • Missing Copper Ring:
    Talk to the "Pale Man" in the house near the lighthouse.
  • Harsh Motherhood:
    Talk to the "Sad Girl" at the left edge of the map.
  • The Book Club:
    Talk to Hron/Miga in the Seven Legs Pub.
  • The Book Club: Part Two:
    Talk to Nikt near the lighthouse after completing "The Book Club".
  • Some Fresh Air:
    Talk to Sakara upstairs in Nuna's inn.
  • Voice in the Shell:
    Interact with the door of the house on the right edge of the map.
  • The Golems:
    Talk to Kamma in the house near the temple.

Quests that start elsewhere:

  • Crate needed:
    "Angry Man" initiates conversation on the bottom pier of the Bridge District.

Similar mods[]

This mod is part of Lava Del'Vortel's "Athkatlan Grounds" series, which also includes these mods:

Other mods that add new Athkatla districts include Fishing for Trouble and Region of Terror.

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