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Talon Zogas is an Acolyte Priest of Talos in Athkatla's Temple District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign, and is found near the Temple of Talos.

Come, my children! Fear the power of Talos! Join us in reverent worship to avoid the disasters that are sure to strike us down in the days to come!


Should the party initiate dialogue and if asked about Talos, and why a Temple to an Evil god is permitted here, he explains:

"Evil? Is a hurricane evil as it thunders across the coasts with its wind? The power of destruction lies in all mens' hands. We must respect its potency."

Of course, with Jahiera in party, Zogas gets an earful in return:

"Nature is not so vindictive, fool. It cares no who prostrates before it, it cares only that the balance is maintained."

His final word on the debate is that:

"Talos is only as vindictive as nature itself. he heralds destruction! Kneel to Him so that you will not be murdered by His judgement!"

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  • In the Classic game, Zogas' Alignment is True Neutral, despite that Talos' Priesthood is normally evil-aligned.


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