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Talon Nirkhas is a Priest of Talos in Athkatla's Temple District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

*ahem* It is... not against my vows to drink the cups or sample the flesh of a willing woman. We Talassans favor pleasure in the face of the destruction of the Stormlord.

— Talon Nirkhas


The party will likely encounter Nirkhas for the first time while he is being confronted by a woman named Miranda demanding child support for her daughter Lanie outside of the Temple of Talos.

After he makes his get-away from Miranda, Nirkhas is stationed near the walkway to the Temple of Talos.

Nirkhas might turn hostile later, if Gorion's Ward sided with the Temple of Lathander during the Cleric Stronghold quest.

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  • In the Classic game, Nirkhas' Alignment is True Neutral, despite that Talos' Priesthood is normally evil-aligned.


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