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Taibela is a vicious, cannibalistic Halfling Mage from Athas who has been abducted along with fellow halflings and now resides within the Furnace Room inside of the Planar Sphere.

The halfling mage curiously possesses immense physical strength.


Upon initiation of hostilities (usually because Taibela has been attacked or detects a party member), the mage has a scripted array of protective buffs that are forced-cast as a group of applied spells (can't be interrupted) including Stoneskin, Mirror Image and Minor Spell Turning.

After this, the mage will attempt offensive damage or disabling spell casting at applicable detected targets and may also Animate Dead for combat support.

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises this creature with a new default AI script, and especially with the "Smarter Mages" component installed. An entire reworked spell book is memorized, and spell choices are changed as well. The mage is assigned a Conjurer kit now, and more spell casts will naturally be from that school.

Taibela will open up with a group of (previously cast) protective buffs including: Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Immunity Divination, Fireshield (Red), Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, Stoneskin and Non-Detection.

Will then attempt to conjure an Invisible Stalker for support. After that various options for further offensive and creature summoning spells will be cast, if able, based on the threat assessment scripting.

The following will be used and can be instantly released:

With the Spell Revisions mod installed the mage's spells will be the SR version. Instead of Spell Immunity will cast "Dispelling Screen", and the Fireshield Spell will likely be "Mesthil's Acid Sheath".

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