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Tad is an essential NPC for gaining access to the levels at the bottom of the Pit of the Faithless during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. Initially, he seems like any of the other "Faithful" from the Cult of the Unseeing Eye.

Kneel and repent.

However, he is later found to be a traitor, and the only one able to grant direct access to the Cult's "god" below, for the explicit purpose of Destroying the Cult of the Eyeless.


Tad is stationed (1530.2020) next to a small circular pit to the southwest of the upper part of the Pit of the Faithless in The Old Tunnels.


Tad will speak to the party automatically upon approach:

"Yes, pilgrim?"

When asked "What is this pit you stand by?" Tad replies:

"It is the Pit of the Faithless, pilgrim. The unworthy are thrown below to be consumed. Maintain your faith and be strong for the Unseeing Eye."

He doesn't have much else to say at the moment, until you return from The Lower Reaches with the Rift Device Part, and have spoken again to Sassar, a Cult Outcast who can be found in the Inner Chambers in The Old Tunnels. Sassar tells the party to talk to his friend Tad, while avoiding Gaal, in order to gain entry to the levels below the Cult Domain.


Even though Tad is secretly a Cult traitor, ultimately, he is also the one-and-only gatekeeper to the Bottom of the Pit of the Faithless, Ghoul Town, and the Beholder Hideout. If you kill him early on, you will not gain access to those areas, and will miss out on much experience and treasure. You can rectify this by using the Console and directly "move to area" AR0201. If you are using game platform that does not support the console commands (PS5, Nintendo Switch etc.), then going back to a previous saved game may be the only option.

Speaking to Tad with the first Rift Device Part in inventory, after talking to Sassar, will open up a new dialog option, "'The eye is blind'?" that will allow you to question him further.

"You...Sassar sent you? Oh, thank the gods, I am relieved he is still alive! I am Tad...what do you need me to do? You want to enter the beholder's lair? Well... you must go down the Pit of the Faithless. Below is a Secret pathway to the small cave in the lair. I don't know exactly where the passage is. Be wary of the creatures who feed upon the bodies of the faithless that are through down there."

After Tad opens access, you receive another Journal update:

"I have met Sassar's friend Tad, who has instructed me that I must go down the Pit of the Faithless to reach the pathway that will enter the beholder's treasure niche. The beholder is planning a great mass, soon, so it is unlikely he will be in the niche when I enter. Tad warned of creatures who feed upon the bodies of the faithless who are thrown below, however."

When the conversation is over, Tad walks off (presumably out of the game for good).

A stairway icon is now available (1485.2095) while hovering over the ledge area that goes out into the center of the smaller pit. Use this to go down into the Pit of the Faithless. The exit is also labeled on the player's map as To the lair of the Unseeing Eye.

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