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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Tactics for BG2EE mod is a partial Enhanced Edition-port of Weimer's old Tactics Mod.


This EE port was never completed.


It is actually a package that is a macro patch for the original Tactics Modification Pack. For those who never played any of the original Tactics components, the various components add tactical challenge difficulty to in-game encounters, and in some cases add new encounters. As an aside, this early Mod was a major inspiration for the Sword Coast Stratagems Mod's author.

Components Available for Installation:

  • Improved Ilyich
  • "Kuroisan", the Acid Kensai
  • Gebhard Blucher's Lich in the Docks
  • Kensai Ryu's Gnome Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks
  • Kensai Ryu's Improved Crypt King
  • Improved Undead
  • Smarter Dragons
  • Smarter Vampires
  • Smarter Mages
  • Slightly Smarter Golems
  • Göran Rimén's Improved Nymph
  • Kensai Ryu's Improved Copper Coronet
  • Generic Archer Kit
  • Anti-Paladin Kit (altered)

Some notes from the Tactics for BG2EE Mod Author (2016):


  • I used this mod as a way to learn and practice the weidu syntax.
  • Therefore, this patch had no specific focus on AI improvements.
  • However, it aims at being fully functional and, as matter of fact, it

also modifies some AI scripts to fix the compatibility issues and the illogical sections of the code.

  • The main tp2 and tpa installation files are rewritten from scratch.
  • The general idea is to (in order of importance):
  • 1- patch rather than overwrite the files
  • 2- patch the Beamdog game files (as opposed to the mod files)
  • 3- deploy the reviewed/fixed files from the original mod.
  • 4- create some files from scratch if suitable

For more information see the link.


As improbable as it may be, this mod faithfully executed running "The Ritual" segment of the Tactics mod in BG2EE 2.6.6. It ran perfectly fine alongside SCS and the Spell Revisions mods, as well as dozens of other tweaks and quest mods with no noticeable issues or glitches. Below are some screenshots of The Ritual - one of the most absurdly challenging components of the Tactics Mod. It was first created sometime in the 2001-2002 time frame. This mod really taxed my high-level party. The scenario is optionally begun on the Watcher's Keep area map. Speak with Pontifex. The player can accept, decline, or "think about it" before deciding what to do the quest and return later if desired.

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