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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Weimer's Tactics Mod adds tactical challenges to Shadows of Amn.


The original mod is not compatible with the Enhanced Edition of the game. However, the following partial EE+EET ports exist:


The Tactics Mod enhances many of the game's existing "boss" fights, and adds several new ones.

These encounters are meant as tactical combat challenges for experienced players, and add limited roleplaying value.

Tactics enemies tend to have powerful special abilities and immunities, and on top of that their AI likes to "cheat" to give them unfair advantages. Beating them requires copious pre-buffing, use of potions, good knowledge of the BG2 spell system – and for most players, plenty of reloads.

How to start the encounters[]

(See the README linked in the infobox above.)

External links[]

(For the mod's main website/forum/download page, see the infobox above.)


  1. It has to have been bofore this Dec 2002 forum post.