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TROLLIMM.ITM is an undroppable ring equipped by Trolls to provide immunity to various effects.


Global effects include, Protection from spell (Opcode 206) Disintegrate, Morale Break (Opcode 106) Set to 0, and Immunity to effects below (including the Op Code):

  • Charm creature (5) [1]
  • Confusion (128)
  • Feeblemindedness (76)
  • Hold creature (175)
  • Hold creature 2 (185) [2]
  • Morale failure (106)
  • Panic (24)
  • Paralyze (109)
  • Power word, sleep (217)
  • Power word, stun (210)
  • Sleep (39)
  • Stun (45)



  • Shadows of Amn LOADCNTR00004 Icon SoABaldur's Gate II:
    Shadows of Amn
    This icon indicates content from the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.
    In the classic and EE games, Near Infinity lists the effect "Disable display string" (op code 267) which prevents the display of the text string "Petrified". However, the "Immunity to effect" for "Petrification" (op code 101 and 134) is not provided - therefore it has not been added to the immunity list in the InfoBox. The item will not actually provide immunity to the Petrified status effect.


  1. Op Code 5 includes Domination
  2. Op Code 185 includes Otiluke's Resilient Sphere and Hold Undead