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Disambiguation icon Not to be confused with Sword of Balduran (BG1).

There are two different items called Sword of Balduran, both enchanted and magical large swords that are part of a set of weapons that belonged to the famous town founder and explorer Balduran. The one described here can be found in the possession of merchants in Amn and the Black Pits.

Baldur's Gate II[]

After the events on the Sword Coast, another sword of Balduran is discovered. The second blade has several abilities, being now an enchanted and magical long sword of no specific material, but increasing the wielder's lore and magic resistance.

The Sword of Balduran was the favored weapon of the famous adventurer who founded the city of Baldur's Gate. It is part of a set of weapons and armor that was stolen from the museum in the city of Baldur's Gate.



Shadows of Amn[]

Gladiators of Thay[]

  • Sold by the Weapon Merchant (×1)


  • Though the item with the original code, SW1H18.itm, received some of the changes applied in Baldur's Gate II to the Sword of Balduran, it remains unused by the game while the actually available sword has the code WA2S1H.itm.
    • Its description reads:
This ornate but poorly balanced weapon was found beside Balduran's remains.


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In Balduran's Image Achievement icon BG2EE

In Balduran's Image[]

Don the sword, shield, helm, and plate of Balduran.



Baldur's Gate II
This gallery includes new, but unused icons for the original sword imported into Baldur's Gate II.
Blade of Roses CSW1H40 Description image BG2 Blade of Roses CSW1H40 Description image BG2EE
Inventory icons
Blade of Roses ISW1H4000000 Item icon BG2 Blade of Roses ISW1H4000001 Item icon BG2 Sword of Balduran ISW1H1800000 Item icon BG2 Sword of Balduran ISW1H1800001 Item icon BG2
Ground icon
Large swords GSW1H01 Ground icon BG1