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Svirfneblin village concerns is a side quest available Chapter Five in the Underdark when speaking with Goldander Blackenrock in the deep gnome's svirfneblin mining area, or also referred to as "encampment", "settlement" and "village".


Once the party has made its way through the svirfneblin guards and traversed through parts of the mining "village". they will eventually find Goldanader within a chamber. Speak with the leader of the deep gnomes.

The gnome will answer questions and add remarks as appropriate. Eventually he will have a proposal for the party. He explains:

"As you can see, our granitehome village is quite empty. I have sent the majority to deeper climes far from here. It was no longer safe, and it is our own fault. We tunneled too deep recently and unearthed a monstrosity. A strange cavern that yielded death, a monster we have not seen outside of dreaming. The task I ask of you is simple to explain, but difficult in deed. I ask that the beast be killed and the tunnel be closed."

Goldander needs assistance sealing away a monstrous beast from the depths which the gnomes have accidentally contacted in their mining tunnels and shafts.

The mining operation is no longer safe because of the threat it poses.

If the party listens (some questions and interjections are available during the discourse) and agrees to help, then Goldanader makes a promise to provide the party with a method to eventually reach the magically protected creature Adalon, which he speaks of in awe and reverence to.

This wonderful being is said to be able to further their goal of finding the two other surfacers they are tracking.

This Adalon as he refers to her, dwells within a protected area, described by Goldanader as:

"The passage to her lair is guarded against intruders by a force of her design. It is the blackest of dark, preventing even the drow entry."

Goldanader promises:

"When the beast in the cavern is dispatched, I will give you a light gem to banish the darkness of the tunnel. I carry it with me always, but I will gladly give it to you for this service."

If you agree, he will give you the special item you are to use. He'll say:

"Take this stoneshape scroll. It is linked magically to the stone of the cavern. When the beast is dead, use this to bring the cavern down upon it. I shall make it a forbidden area forever after. I am glad of your decision. The passage is to the northeast, guarded by one of my best breachgnomes. He will let you pass now."
Note:The party Journal will now update with: A svirfneblin named Goldander has offered me an item that will allow me to visit a being named Adalon, who can help me enter Ust Natha. I will need to perform a task for him first: Kill the beast that has awakened in the svirfneblin settlement and lay it to rest with magic.

When the party is ready to do this task, move to the east down a pathway and speak with the breachgnome. He'll say:

"I have been informed of the permission given. You may pass into the depths if you wish, though I worry for the dangers you may face."
Note:If the party examines or tries to use the stoneshape scroll, a message will display: "Do not use the stoneshape scroll until the demon is defeated."

You may now enter the problematic mining shaft chamber. Using the map cursor activation symbol, when desired, click upon the visible pit in the chamber to cajole the monster to come forth.

After a brief animation, the party will have enticed the Balor (Underdark) to move to the location, rising from the depths as it were. See that creature's page for stats and information.

If the beast is defeated, then use the stoneshape scroll (activated from a party members quick item slot) and cast forth the magic. The scroll's power shakes the player's display screen image and seals the shaft for good.

Note:A text message will display: "You use the stoneshape scroll to seal the shaft, and in moments the cavern looks as it did before the gnomes began mining it."

Return to report your progress to Goldanader, who has some remarks and closing comments. As promised, he will give the Light Gem and an extra reward, the Skullcrusher weapon as a bonus. Additionally, each party member receives 25,000 XP.


If Goldanader was slain or made hostile by the party before getting the stoneshape scroll, then this quest is shuttered for good. The Light Gem can be found on his corpse, however.

If the party pickpocketed the Light Gem from Goldander, then they can just move on and not do the quest at all if they wish to ignore it.

If the party pickpocketed the gem from Goldander earlier, and agreed to do the quest, then when the party returns to him, he will have some remarks about the fact it was taken from him by theft. He'll know the party did it. He angrily says:

"You have disgraced our deal and stolen a precious item I would have been willing to give! We owe you nothing more! Get out of here!"

If the party decided to not help the gnomes with their problem, and just didn't do the quest, and or pickpocketed or killed Goldanderfor the light gem - then Adalon will know this, and comment on it when the party visits her. She'll let the party know that they were decidedly unheroic and cowardly.


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