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Sun Soulbeam is an innate spell-like ability that a Sun Soul Monk can cast once per day. It is unlocked at level 13.


Sun Soulbeam

The character emits a dazzling burst of light that strikes at all other creatures within a 15-ft. radius. The Sun Soulbeam does not automatically hit all targets, but makes a melee attack using the character's current THAC0 (+3 to hit vs. undead). Struck creatures suffer 9d6 points of fire damage (9d6+3 if undead), unless they Save vs. Spell for half. In addition, all creatures except the character must Save vs. Spell or be blinded for 2 hours.

Innate Spell Effect Mechanics[]

This School less spell has a casting time of 1 and affects all creatures in the Area of Effect except for the caster. The casting cannot be interrupted and there is no casting failure, and it can be affected by a Wild Surge. The spell is classified as Offensive Damage type and will be considered a Hostile attack. Magic Resistance can block this spell. Since this innate ability has power level 0, it will ignore spell protections that block spell levels or creatures with spell level immunity. The blindness effect can be dispelled or cured.


The Sun Soulbeam ability does not roll for an attack, it just hits, contrary to its description.[1]


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