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Summon Fire Elemental (SPIN570) is an innate ability available to a unique demon Glabrezu (TELTAN2), that is encountered in the Watcher's Keep Elemental Level and specifically with the Watcher's Keep - Obelisk (AR3010) room. No other creature in the game uses this innate spell.


The effect is usually directed at a point nearby the demon, or next to an enemy creature in range.

The ability is cast as a ForceSpell command and isn't interruptible by damaging the demon.

The Spell uses the "IceCloud" projectile for visual effect (but it doesn't by itself do anything else).

When the innate spell is finished, a hostile to the player Ice Salamander (SUTELICE.cre) is placed on the map.

A Sound effect is audibled (No. P02 "Good Berries").