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Summon Fiend allows the wizard to summon a frenzied glabrezu.


Summon Fiend
More powerful than the 7th-level variant Cacofiend, casting this spell summons a frenzied demon or devil. This fiend will attack everyone in the area who is not protected by a Protection From Evil spell. Only desperate or suicidal wizards use this spell.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal[]


This spell interacts with the summoning cap in a way that's different than most summoning spells, in that summoned demons/devils do not add to the total towards the summoning cap (meaning, it's technically possible to summon as many demons/devils as you want). However, the spell still adheres to the cap, meaning you won't be able to summon a demon/devil if you already have 5 ordinary creatures summoned.

As a "GoodButRed" creature (i.e., technically allied to the party, but has a red circle), the Glabrezu gated in by this spell doesn't get a save against Otiluke's Resilient Sphere, just like what happens with regular (blue circle) allied creatures.

The scripted Remove Magic spell cast by the demon will be as a level 1 caster, and thus has very little chance of dispelling anything by this stage of the saga. Probably only a 1% chance.

Name Ability
Glabrezu STR 19 HD 10

Saving throws: D8 / W10 / P9 / B9 / S11

Resistances: 50% magic resistance, 100% fire/cold/acid/poison resistance, immunity to less than +2 enchanted weapons, charm, feeblemindedness, confusion, polymorph and fear effects.

Special: See invisible creatures by script.

Spellcasting: Casts Remove Magic (caster level 1) if a Cleric or Mage is spotted (only once), as well as Power Word, Stun every 5 rounds.

DEX 17 HP 80
CON 9 THAC0 Base 11, Adjusted 5
INT 9 AC Base -7, Adjusted -10
WIS 16 APR 5
CHA 25 Damage:
3d4 (crushing)
+3 proficiency
+7 (strength)
Strikes as +4.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Spell Revisions mod hasn't changed much about the spell, although it does revise the actual stats and abilities of a summoned Glabrezu, as described below:

Glabrezu (15 Hit Dice): STR 20, DEX 10, CON 21, INT 16, WIS 17, CHA 16; AL Chaotic Evil
HP 160, AC -6, THAC0 1, Saving Throws 6/8/6/10/8
4 Attacks Per Round, 2d6+12 Piercing Damage (Pincers & Claws +4)
Special Qualities:
Immune to weapons lower than +2 enchantment
Immune to confusion, fear, poison, & stun effects
Electrical Resistance 100%; Acid, Cold, & Fire Resistance 50%
Magic Resistance 50%
Special Abilities:
True Seeing (permanent)
Mirror Image (once every 5 rounds)
Dispel Magic at caster level 15 (once every 5 rounds)
Unholy Blight (once every 5 rounds)
Confusion (once every 5 rounds)
Power Word Stun (once every 5 rounds)

Note:If SR is paired with Sword Coast Stratagems and the "Improved Fiends" component, the Glabrezu will have a few more special abilities, for example, "Teleport without Error" as needed.

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