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The Strife card, can be drawn from the deck of many things when agreeing to play a game with Aesgareth in the Watcher's Keep Teleport Maze.

This page is to document the potential spell effects of this card when it is drawn.


When a party member character engages in the first card draw contest with Aesgareth, there is an even chance of drawing the Strife card, or the Plague (card).

If this card is drawn, the script controlled by Aesgareth's dialogue will apply this spell to the party member who drew the card.

The spell will animate a graphic visual effect over the character, and the combat log will display a text reading "Slowed", and a sound effect is also audible.

A "Slow" icon is placed in the character's portrait.

The target is now affected by a Slow effect, which has a duration of 1 turn. It cannot be dispelled, but a Remove Curse can get rid of it, and a Haste effect can neuter the effect.

This spell has no school, nor any assigned secondary type. It is unaffected by magic resistance, and all of its internal components have a 0 Power level.

This essentially means that there is no method available to the player to block this spell.