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The Stone Golem is summoned from using the Stone Golem Manual. This article is about that specific creature, and not the other Stone Golem versions.

The Stone Golem Manual is only available in the original and Enhanced Edition portion of Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.


The golem is a controlled creature. It is best used by the player directing its movement and who/what to target.

When the golem detects an enemy creature, it will automatically attempt a Golem Slow ability, fired over itself and potentially affecting adversaries in the area of effect.

If left to make decisions on its own during battle, the script it is furnished is very simplistic and may not perform to the player's liking.

The golem will act as a basic melee fighting creature usings its bludgeoning fists to beat on a target.

The golem can be useful as a distraction, especially against magic spell casting oriented creatures, such as a mage, lich, or beholder, due to its immunities and Magic resistance.

This golem can be buffed by the party to increase its effectiveness, such as with a Haste or Protection From Evil (wizard) spells.

The golem will disappear from the map when 1 turn expires.

A Death Spell will destroy/banish this golem, as its gender is "summoned".


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems makes a few revisions to this particular golem.

The default AI script is modified, so that if the golem is allowed by the player to do its own thing, it has a decision logic that evaluates if an enemy is protected by Mirror Image or Stoneskin, and then may try a different available target to pummel.

It also recognizes when its fists get a "weapon ineffective" result and will look for a different target.

The AI will cast Golem Slow after several rounds of combat, as long as the creature is functional. Expect an initial application and then one more before the golem's duration expires.

The mod makes the golem immune to the spells Entangle, Plant Growth, Lower Resistance, Pierce Magic and Pierce Shield. It is also immune to being Webbed.