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Stinking Cloud (Innate) is an innate ability effect available to most Ooze Mephit creatures in the game saga.


The spell effect is uninterruptable and takes almost no time to deploy. A cloud projectile is launched at an area where an observed target is located and in range. It will burst and expand in the area and expose all within to a potential nauseating effect that could make a creature Unconscious for 9 seconds. A Saving throw vs. Death with a +2 bonus can negate. Each round within the cloud requires a saving throw. If a creature is affected by the ability, they will be under the Helpless state, and not even being damaged will awaken them.

The innate ability can be blocked by magic resistance and has level 2 spell power, and thus could be also be blocked by an Area of Effect spell protection like Minor Globe of Invulnerability. Note that Elves or Half-elves do not receive their racial Sleep (Status Effect) resistance versus this ability.