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Stein is a grave robber who appears at night in the Athkatla Graveyard.

Oy now! What... what are you doin' sneakin' up on a fella in the middle o' the bleedin' night, aye?

— Stein


He is standing in front of the tomb doorway Crypt (near Stein), almost in the center of the map.

Stein does not initiate any action or conversation, that is the party's job to initiate by speaking with him. He can be ignored if desired. Depending on dialogue choices, Stein may offer that the party join in his grave robbery scheme, or he may allow the party to go on its way and tell all to basically leave him be. He can also be goaded into anger at which point he will attack along with two Muggers. Combat will then ensue.

If Anomen Delryn is in the party, he will antagonize Stein himself.



In some game versions, including the EE ones, Stein's coded spawn location coordinates are just slightly off. It is possible he will appear in a position that is straddling a wall of the crypt exterior and the open walkway. This can lead to a "flickering" image of Stein. It can be difficult to speak to or interact with the creature. This oddity is identified to Beamdog as of BG2EE V2.6.6, and can be expected to be addressed in the future EE Fixpack.