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This page is to add a gateway link page to document the various "Statues" located on the Watcher's Keep Altar Level.

The statues are some kind of defensive ward put in place by the Vigil Knight organization. Perhaps the statues are actually volunteer creatures who will be spiritually recalled to arms if anyone attempts to open the portal to the lower reaches.


The various statues are inert and can't be directly targeted or interacted with. This is by design.

Only after specific actions by the party on this dungeon level will the statues animate and turn hostile towards the party. These actions involve interacting with the Altar, and or placement and choices made regarding the Holy Book, Bell, and Candle.

The statues closest to the Altar animate as one group (2 to 4 statues) determined by the party's average experience. The remaining statues animate as a second group upon triggering another event by further action at the Altar, during the Holy Ritual.

The statues share a common set of attributes as shown in the InfoBox. For example, they all have an innate 40% Magic resistance, and 50% Slashing damage resistance. They are all 20 Hit dice creatures, and award 20,000 XP if defeated.

However, each statue also has individual attributes, weaponry, saving throws, perhaps some droppable equipment, different classes, maybe some spell casting abilities etc. The appearances (sprite type) assigned to the statue are mostly accurate, but some are deceiving, and although a statue foe may appear as a Hobgoblin, the statue's attacks can be unique, as well as it's stats.

Setting traps, usually an effective tactic to deal damage to creatures that may spawn or activate - is mitigated and may not (probably won't) work against the statues. When the statues activate, there is a delay before they become non-statue forms. However, the traps will fire off before that, dealing no damage because the creatures still have their protective items. To use traps effectively, set them in an area further away from their statue form, and lead them into the traps. Good hunting adventurer!

About the number of statues[]

There will be at least 6 statues present in this level's main hallway leading to the Altar sector. There could be up to 12 statues present as well. The number is determined by the party's first visit to this dungeon and is tied to the party's average experience level. If the party has an average XP level equal to or greater than 14, then the full complement of statues will be here.

If the party has less than level 14 average experience, then there will probably be fewer statues.

As a reminder, Sister Garlena and Odren will warn the player to reconsider taking on their quest - if the script detects that Gorion's Ward doesn't have at least 10 experience levels. This gentle reminder is for the player to consider returning when the party is more appropriately tested in battle.

So, expect fewer statues if entering this dungeon level when the party does not meet the level design criteria for difficulty, e.g., level 14. Any statues removed by the difficulty level script check are permanently gone from the game and won't be reinserted if the party comes back to the keep later with more experience.

This is one downside (depending on one's viewpoint) of entering the keep at lower experience levels. As much as 120K potential XP could be missing from the adventure. Probably more actually, as the random spawns in the dungeon are also generally less difficult and have fewer XP points offered when the player enters the keep under-leveled.

Statue Links[]

Initial activation group (closest to Altar)[]

Note: Statues 03 and 04 may not be present if the party entered this dungeon with an average XP level below 14.

Second activation group[]

Note: Statues 05, 06, 09, and 12 may not be present if the party entered this dungeon with an average XP level below 14.