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Statue GORSTA03 has an appearance of an Elven female cleric wearing plate mail and wielding a mace. She's found in the Watcher's Keep Altar Level near to the Altar.

Note: This statue may not be present if the party entered this dungeon with an average XP level below 14.


Part of the first initial (2-4) Statues (WK Altar Level) that attack the party based on actions taken at the Altar and interacting with the Altar Guardian spirit.

This cleric will begin combat by self-buffing with Regeneration (spell), Death Ward, and Defensive Harmony instantly applied.

Further spell casting is scripted, most of which are interruptible, as shown in the InfoBox.

She has the ability to cast Creeping Doom, as several of the Knights of the Vigil do, such as Sister Garlena.

If she is pressed upon by a party member in melee range, she can engage in melee combat with her mace, although she is a cleric and has only 1 attack per round.

The creature mostly behaves as a spell casting cleric and can fail morale checks and will call for help if needed.

No items are recoverable from her slain body.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod makes some revisions to this creature. A new default smarter priest script is provided.

Race is changed to Golem.

She gets a different spell book of divine magic scripted for use.

Her opening chain of defensive buffs is Regeneration (spell), Blade Barrier, Armor of Faith, Magic resistance, Draw Upon Holy Might (spell), Protection From Fire (priest), Physical Mirror, and Free Action (spell).

Further spell casting and summoning of allies is based on how her AI script assesses the party's protections and threats.

A ready to use potion is provided for the cleric to boost abilities.