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Stanet wanders the Athkatla Bridge District during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

I'm kinda in the mood for a sweetbun. Anyone else want a sweetbun? I'm kinda in the mood.

— Stanet

Before solving the "skinner" murders, Stanet is:

" nervous about this murderer on the loose, here, my feet hairs is all but curled up and hiding!"

Afterwards, Stanet is ever so grateful:

"At least we can walk the streets, here, at night again. That way, I can satisfy my late-night sweetbun cravings!"

He also recommends the Five Flagons Inn "'Tis lovely service! Good food, too!"


Stanet is actually quite amiable and chatty. If you talk to him more than once, he might have a thing or two to say with certain Companions in the party.

"You're kinda big for a halfling, fuzzy."

Korgan: I be not a halfling, ye bespawled prickmedainty! What are ye besides a foolsopher, blind too? The gods've cursed ye, imbecile.

"What are you all done up in armor and stuff for, l'il lass?"

Mazzy: I am a faithful servant to Arvoreen and her most valiant warrior, as well. We as a people should not limit our scope of vision, brother.

Hmph. I don't think much of the Order of the so-called Radiant Heart. It seems to me like nothin' more than a bunch of blowhards who ride around in plate mail.

Keldorn: You would if you had need of our aid, little one. We protect the weak and bring justice to the wicked. You would do well to remember that.

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