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A Spore Colony is a fungoid, intelligent creature that is lawful neutral aligned although it may react with hostility if a stranger approaches. Like Myconids, it has an aversion to sunlight and is most often found in caves or other subterranean locations. It uses no weapons nor carries any treasure.

Their appearance is that of a bloated fungus with four tentacle-like appendages that sprout from the central core of the creature. Four more tentacle-like appendages are located around the base of the creature; however, they don't appear to provide anything more than a means of stability as, unlike Myconids, a Spore Colony is completely stationary. They look exactly like a Shrieker and the only method of differentiating between the two is through their actions when approached by a hostile creature.


The Spore Colony does not have the Myconid confusion-inducing attack. Instead, it will blast out a cloud of spores which will "summon" two Myconid creatures. The summoned spore creature is an actual Myconid, and as such cannot be banished with a Death Spell. The spore cloud is triggered 10 seconds after a hostile creature is within detection range.

The ICFUNG02.cre will continue to blast out two more Myconids every 20 seconds until an overall total of four summon events have transpired or the Spore Colony has been killed, while the ICFUNGUS.cre will blast out the same number of Myconids at the same rate until an overall total of six summon events have transpired or the Spore Colony has been killed.

Note: In the Myconid Room (Spellhold Test) area, once the Spore Colony is killed, any remaining Myconids will also drop dead.

Spore Colonies will not engage in any type of melee attack as they have no script that commands them to utilize the undroppable attack weapon they possess. However, the weapon still provides immunity to any confusion effects cast upon them.