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The Spirit of the Grove is an embodiment of Nature itself, and can be found in the Druid Grove during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Nature knows much of you. The trees speak of your presence.


After Faldorn has been defeated, the spirit will appear to the protagonist.

"Child of the Woods, I welcome you. The land and the grove both have suffered and have been soothed by your actions"

I am the Spirit of the Grove, child. I am the water, the earth, the trees and the sun. I am life and death: the eternal cycle.

Druid Stronghold[]

If Gorion's Ward is qualified to accept the Druid Stronghold quest, then the Spirit will ask if s/he will serve the Grove further.

"The call of the Druid is never easy and your tasks are but beginning. The Grove will extend its blessing to you if you will take up the mantle of leadership."

"A <Man/Woman> who serves the cause of balance is needed. The Grove requires leadership, a gentle hand. Will you serve the Grove as such?"

If accepted, the Spirit will give the protagonist three tasks. For the quest walkthrough, see Heeding the Spirit of the Grove. Below is the Spirit's dialog which describes each task.

Nilthiri the Troll Shamaness[]

"Life is sacred and this sacredness is rooted in balance: predator and prey, rain and sun, birth and death. A time of unbalance has gone with the passing of Faldorn but a new break in the cycle arises."

"Long have the Trolls of the mound lived beneath the protection of the Grove. But a new leader has arisen."

"Nilthiri the Shamaness leads the trolls to chaos. She urges them to expand their territory and she brings more trolls to the mound without thought to the consequences."

"If this continues, the trolls will overrun the Grove and Nature will suffer. A servant of Nature must bring the life cycle of Nilthiri to a close for the good of all."

"Will you do this for the Grove, child <CHARNAME>?"

Loren and Chaos[]

"Child of Nature you are again needed. Balance is threatened and Chaos is at the periphery. Will you serve the Grove?"

"There is much that you know not about the Grove. The story will help you understand the path that must be taken. Listen, child, and learn."

"The Grove is young in the terms of Nature and ancient in the years of man. Centuries ago Marek of Halruaa established a protectorate of nature in these woods."

"He brought druids from across the lands to stop the encroachment of 'progress' from the 'civilized' races."

"Marek awakened the soul of the Grove, and I am its voice. But since its establishment, the Grove has been threatened by forces seeking to bring ruin to the natural order of things."

"Marek and the Grove drew many good men and women to these parts to serve as protectors. But it also drew forth the evil that lies in Amn in some measure."

"Marek knew that he had been identified as our leader... and he set in motion the events that have led to you being here today."

"Marek established a hierarchy that would assume leadership after his passing. Then he established wards of enormous strength to protect the Grove from harm."

"Marek's strength and spirit came from a perfect understanding of the earth. This spirit could not be destroyed and has always been here in the Grove as a silent partner to Nature."

"Before his passing, Marek had a wife and child. When he knew that he must die for the Grove, he had them taken far away for their own protection."

"Now, as Marek knew would someday happen, his descendants have returned and old enemies marshall their forces. A child called Loren has recently arrived in Trademeet."

"This child is the inheritor of Marek's spirit but does not yet have the knowledge to use his power. Surely he shall be slain by the forces of chaos if you do not rescue him."

"Even now he is alone and in danger, his parents slain by an evil that haunts him. You must find the child Loren in Trademeet and fight Marek's old enemies to save the child's life."

The Great Druid[]

For this last task in the stronghold quest, the spirit will send out a Messenger, when the time comes, to call the protagonist back to the grove to challenge for the position of The Great Druid. Until then, the Spirit only has this to say, in parting:

The Grove senses a dark destiny ahead of you, with much danger both moral and physical. For now your task is done in the Grove.

Soon you may return to fight for ascension within the Grove. Until that day comes, I shall not call on you. Go forth and find the path of balance within your life.

The danger to the Grove is passed, now, and Loren shall be taken to the Grove where he can begin to learn Nature's path. We shall await your return.

May the forest always open a path, good druid. Farewell!

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  • Despite having Mage as a Class, no spells are listed in the Spirit's creature file.