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Spirit Armor uses the wizard's life force to create a magical barrier around his body.


Spirit Armor
This is very similar to the 3rd-level spell Ghost Armor in that it creates a corporeal barrier around the target's body for the duration of the spell. This spell, however, actually taps into the target's life force in order to create the barrier. The armor itself is weightless and does not hinder movement or spellcasting at all. The spirit armor does not work cumulatively with any other armor; however, Dexterity bonuses still apply as well as magic rings and shields. While in effect, the base Armor Class of the recipient will be set to 1, as if he were wearing full plate armor. Also, due to the magical nature of the spell, he will also receive a +3 bonus on Saving Throws against magical attacks. There is a danger however, as when the spell runs out, the external portion of the spirit is temporarily lost, inflicting 2d4 points of damage upon the target, unless he makes a Saving Throw vs. Spell.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast[]

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The Black Pits[]

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Shadows of Amn[]

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Throne of Bhaal[]


  • In the Enhanced Editions, failing the saving throw vs. spell when casting this spell used to prevent saving the game or resting as long as the spell is active. This was to prevent players from finding themselves in a "walking dead" situation, where their save game could become unusable due to immediate death from the 2d4 points of damage. This has been changed. Furthermore, if you rest while failed save damage is pending, you will take the damage *after* the rest.
  • The Save vs Spell bonus is cumulative across multiple castings.


See also[]

Compared to other spells that replace armor equipment:

Spell Spell level & type AC set to Duration Target Protect against magic missile Saving throw bonus Other effects
Armor (spell) Level 1 wizard spell 6 9 in-game hours (45 real minutes) self only no
Shield (spell) Level 1 wizard spell 4 (2 against missiles) 1 in-game hour (5 real minutes) self only yes
Ghost Armor Level 3 wizard spell 2 1 in-game hour (5 real minutes) self only no
Spirit Armor Level 4 wizard spell 1 2 in-game hours (10 real minutes) any no +3 vs. spell save vs. spell or take 2d4 damage when it ends
Barkskin Level 2 priest spell level-dependent (min. 6, max. 1)

increases by 1 per 4 levels of caster

4 rounds + 1 round/level (1 round = 6 real seconds) any no +1 vs. all except spell

Only the best armor value of those will apply, and it is not cumulative with worn armor or other effects that set the base AC (see base AC article).

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Spell Revisions mod has changed this arcane spell, revising its casting time, effects and description. See below for description:

Spirit Armor
Level: 4
School: Necromancy
Range: Touch
Duration: 10 turns
Casting Time: 4
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Saving Throw: None

This spell taps the target’s life force in order to create a corporeal barrier around his body. The armor itself is weightless and does not hinder movement or spellcasting in any way. The spirit armor does not work cumulatively with any other armor, but it will stack with bonuses from dexterity, shields, and magical trinkets. While in effect, the armor class of the recipient will be set to 1 and saving throws vs. death will be made with a +3 bonus. There is a danger in using this spell, however, as the external portion of the target’s spirit is temporarily lost when the spell duration expires. This causes the recipient to suffer 2d4 points of damage, unless he succeeds at a saving throw vs. spell.

Note:In order to prevent "stacking" with this spell (Spirit Armor in D&D 2nd Edition rules say the spirit armor's effects are not cumulative with other types of armor or magical protection), SR adds Opcode 321 to this spell's coding, and thus a second application of Spirit Armor refreshes the spell's duration but doesn't allow additive or stacking saving throw bonuses.