Spiders in the Cloakwood is a side quest which can be started when you enter the second part of the Cloakwood forest. Just north of your entry point to the area, there will be a peasant by the name of Tiber looking for his brother Chelak. He and Chelak went to the Cloakwood Forest with a sword made for the killing of spiders, Spider's Bane, hoping to find the source of the huge spiders and destroy it for once and for all. If they would succeed, they hoped to become the heroes of Cloakwood Forest, but things turn out quite differently. Chelak has been missing for ten days and Tiber is fearing for the worst of things that could happen.

What do you have to do?

  • You must locate the source of the spiders.
  • You must locate Chelak either alive or dead and bring him back to his brother.

The source of the spiders is a cave near the northwestern coastline of the area. It is advised to have healing spells or potions and methods to cure poison available. The party is about to face a fierce fight.

After the fight there is a large area in the middle of the cave where items are lying. Among these items you find Chelak's Body, and you must have a party member who can carry a lot of weight, as his corpse weighs 185 pounds, to bring the body back to Tiber.  He gives you permission to become the owner of the sword ("You can keep the damn sword ..."), and he also gives the party 800 experience points. He will then leave the area.

In your Journal Edit

Quest title: Spiders in the Cloakwood
Quest begins:
We encountered a man named Tiber in the Cloakwood, and told him that we'd try to find his brother, Chelak. According to Tiber, his brother entered the Cloakwood in an attempt to destroy a spider infestation.
Quest completed:
For recovering Chelak's corpse from Centeol's lair, Tiber gave us the sword known as Spider's Bane.