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Spen Gil'meh is a grumpy old man who can be found in The Burning Wizard. Depending on how polite you are with him, he will talk to you about the Firewine Bridge and some of the things to do in Beregost, though the dialogue can be repeated as much as you want to hear all the tidbits.


Eh, what? Leave me be! To Firewine with ye, and I hope ye gets the gout!

1-Firewine? What and where is that?
Firewine Bridge ruins is what I mean. She be pretty far to the south and east, but a strong pair o' legs will get ye there just fine. I would make sure that they are strong enough to bring ye BACK too though. The Firewine ruins might be quite the deathtrap for the inexperienced adventurer. Mind ye remember that, and don't blame old Spen if ye lose a few of yer fellows stumbling about within.
2-What else can you tell me of it?
What? Do I look like I be fool enough to go tromping about in such a place? Not likely. Ye want more info, ye go talk to them halflings in Gullykin. They be curious about such things, and will probably help ye. I warn ye again though, it ain't no place fer a young 'un! Ye go there and ye're just looking for tough trouble. Best ye cut yer teeth somewhere else before ye throw yer lives down that hole.
3-I'm more interested in the local color. What can you tell me of Beregost?
Hereabouts? The temple to the east be an interesting view, if ye like that sort of thing. I don't! Don't like much, actually. Don't think I like you, either. Ehh, leave me to my readin'.