The Spells which can be cast by Gorion's Ward and select party members are categorized into two categories: the Wizard & Priest spellbooks, both of which are comprised of spells from eight different schools of magic. The priest spellbook has seven spell levels and the wizard spellbook has nine spell levels. Only the first five levels from each spellbook are available in the game. The eight different school of magic are:

  • Alteration – this school has its focus on spells that alter reality in many different ways. Transmuters are specialists of this school.
  • Abjuration – this school focuses on many spells that may protect or offer resistance from all kinds of elements and spells that may remove some status effects on the user. An Abjurer has specialised in this school.
  • Conjuration / Summoning – this school focuses on the conjuration of armor and creatures not related to the undead. Conjurers are those specialised in this school.
  • Divination – this school focuses on identifying items of magical nature, properties of creatures and protecting against creature of evil natures, traps. The specialists are called Diviners.
  • Enchantment / Charm – this school is focused on the manipulation off the minds of any creature. Enchanters are specialists called from this school.
  • Evocation / Invocation – this school is around spells that summon weapons and damage inflicting spells of any element. Those who are specialised in this school are called Invokers.
  • Illusion / Phantasm – this school focuses on spell that alter appearance and invisibility. Illusionist specialise in this school.
  • Necromancy – this school focuses on life and death and spells of this school can heal their target, drain life from the victim to the caster and allows undead minions to be summoned. Necromancers are specialists in this school.

Many spells can be categorized into only one spellbook, but there are some exceptions and these are at different spell levels available in the different spellbooks. To cast spells, wizards and priests use spell slots, which can be filled with a memorized spell of a specific level and can only be used once. Spells assigned to slots are restored after resting in inns, dungeons, or outside in the wilderness.

Wizards spells can be used by mages, bards and specialist mages. This spellbook has many spells that inflict magical damage, inflict negative status effects, raise the amount of protection for the caster, conjure creatures, etc. It has a more offensive character, with a lot of supportive spells as well, but those who can use this spellbook cannot heal poison or wounds.

Priest spells can be used by clerics and druids. Rangers can use this spellbook from level 8. The spellbook has many spells that can be used to heal the wounds of allies, cure status effects, boost armor class, summon magical weapons, increase resistance to evil, magic and elements, inflict negative status effects, etc. It has a supportive character, but has a limited amount of offensive spells as well.

Note: The summaries provided below in the effects column for each spell are from the Original Baldur's Gate game. Links to each individual spell will reveal that several wizard spells have been altered for the Enhanced Edition (Animate Dead being a good example). The description on these spell pages have been updated to reflect how the spell works in the Enhanced Edition.

List of spells (Baldur's Gate)[edit | edit source]

The spells in this table are alphabetically ordered. This list contains only the spells from the game without the expansion pack. The list of spells from the expansion pack is under this one.


^ : Spell is a special ability to some classes.

+ : Spell is a special ability of the protagonist earned during the game.

# Spell Name Effect Spellbook School Level
1 Agannazar's Scorcher 20–60 ft jet of flames causing 3d6 points of fire damage. There is no saving throw, but fire resistance will reduce/eliminate damage. Wizard Evocation 2
2 Aid Raises maximum hitpoints with 1d8 and adds that number to current health. When the spell runs out of duration, only the added hitpoint above the maximum are removed from the recipient. Priest Necromancy 2
3 Animal Summoning I Summons up to three animals with a hit dice of 8 or less. The summoned animals depend on the area where it's cast. Only normal or giant animals may be summoned, no monsters & dragons. Priest Conjuration 4
4 Animal Summoning II Summons up to three animals with a hit dice of 8 or less. The summoned animals depend on the area where it's cast. Only normal or giant animals may be summoned, no monsters&dragons. Priest Conjuration 5
5 Animate Dead (priest)
Animate Dead (wizard)
Summons the lowest undead minions which can be commanded by the priest. For every level of the caster, one more undead can be commanded. This will last until the undead are destroyed or when they are turned. Priest / Wizard Conjuration 3/5
6 Armor Conjures magical armor for the spellcaster with an armor class of 6. This cumulative with bonuses from items and stats. Will last until dispelled or for 10 turns. Wizard Conjuration, Summoning 1
7 Barkskin Raises armor class of the target and saving throw rolls vs. attacks except magical. Priest Alteration 2
8 Bless Raises morale, saving rolls vs. fear +1, increases attack rolls friendly target Priest Conjuration 1
9 Blindness Blinds target. If not a save roll, target receives -4 penalty to armor class & hit attack rolls Wizard Illusion 1
10 Blur Blurs the image of the caster. +1 bonus to all saving throws, -3 hit penalty of melee and ranged attacks to the caster. Wizard Illusion 2
11 Burning Hands Jet of searing flames is cast from wizard hands causes fire damage in an arc of 120'. Wizard Alteration 1
12 Call Lightning Bolts of lightning are called down upon random hostile targets. Must be cast in open air. Priest Alteration 3
13 Chant Increases attack rolls and saving throws of friendly target in AoE by +1. Hostile targets receive -1 penalties. Priest Conjuration 2
14 Charm Person The target regards the caster as a friendly if successfully cast. The cast may obey orders. Wizard Enchantment 1
15 Charm Person or Mammal See charm person, includes also mammals Priest Enchantment 2
16 Chill Touch Caster can make touch attack dealing damage and THAC0 penalty. Wizard Necromancy 1
17 Chromatic Orb Cause and damage and varied effects depending on the level of the caster. Wizard Evocation 1
18 Clairvoyance Allows caster to see geographical buildings & features in the area he is exploring. Works only outside Wizard Divination 3
19 Cloudkill Creates deadly yellowish green in a large area. Able to kill weak creatures. Similar to Stinking Cloud. Wizard Evocation 5
20 Color Spray From the hand of the caster a spray of clashing colors spring forth. If successful, the target will lose conscious. Wizard Alteration 1
21 Command The caster commands the target to sleep a single round. Target will awaken unharmed. Priest Enchantment 1
22 Confusion Causes the affected by the spell to go berserk, wander around and if they are attacked, they will defend themselves. Wizard Enchantment 4
23 Cure Light Wounds Heals 8 hit points on the subject the spell is cast upon. They cannot be healed above their max. health. Priest Necromancy 1
24 Cure Serious Wounds Heals 17 hit points on the subject the spell is cast upon. They cannot be healed above their max. health. Priest Necromancy 4
25 Cure Critical Wounds Heals 27 hit points on the subject the spell is cast upon. They cannot be healed above their max. health. Priest Necromancy 5
26 Detect Evil (priest) This spell makes any evil creatures in range glow red briefly Priest Divination 1
27 Detect Invisibility Allows the caster to see objects and beings which are invisible, astral, ethereal or out of phase. Wizard Divination 2
28 Dimension Door The caster can step in a dimension which transports the caster to any place in visual range. Wizard Alteration 4
29 Dire Charm Similiar to charm person, but this will put the target into berserker state, even fighting 'former' allies. Wizard Enchantment 3
30 Dispel Magic (priest)
Dispel Magic (wizard)
Removes all magical stats gained from potions, spells, and magical item's from anybody within AoE. Does not effect magical items themselves. Priest / Wizard Abjuration 3/3
31 Draw Upon Holy Might Raises Strength, Constitution and Dexterity 1 point for every three levels of the caster. Priest Evocation 2
32 Entangle The caster cause all kinds of plants to wrap and twist around creatures and holding them into places in a certain area. Priest Alteration 1
33 Find Traps All traps concealed normally, magically and mechanically become apparent to the caster, the same as find trap mode for thiefs. Priest Divination 2
34 Fireball The caster sends a fireball which detonates at the determined point and sends out a wave of flames from the center with a 20 ft radius. Wizard Evocation 3
35 Flame Arrow The caster conjures a flame which inflicts both fire and physical damage to the target. Casters gains an extra arrow for every five levels. Wizard Conjuration 3
36 Flame Blade A blazing ray of hot fire spring forth from the hand of the caster, acting like a weapon from the small sword proficiency to calculate attack rolls and attacks per round. Priest Evocation 2
37 Flame Strike The caster sends down a column of flames at the target which must roll a saving throw or be burned heavily. Priest Evocation 5
38 Free Action The subject under influence of this spell is able to normally, even when magic affecting movement is upon the victim. Priest Abjuration 4
39 Friends The spell increase the Charisma of the caster by 2d4, changing the behavior of all creatures who encounter the caster while under influence of the spell, making them more friendly. Wizard Enchantment 1
40 Ghost Armor Creates magical armor with an armor class (2) of plate armor, which is cumulative with Dexterity and shield bonuses. Has no restrictions Wizard Conjuration 3
41 Ghoul Touch If the spell is cast and the mages makes a successful melee attack, the target is paralyzed for five rounds. Uses blunt weapon proficiency to calculate attack rate & chance. Wizard Necromancy 2
42 Glyph of Warding Can be used to prevent entering & passing areas and opening containers. When glyph is violated, 1-4 damage will be dealt for every level of the caster. Priest Abjuration + Evocation 3
43 Goodberry Creates five magical berries which can be carried around and will heal 1 hit point if they are eaten. Priest Alteration + Evocation 2
44 Grease Creates a slippery & fatty surface. Anyone within the area must make a save roll or will not be able to move normally. Wizard Conjuration 1
45 Haste When the spell is cast, all affected creatures move and attack at double rates. Spells not included. Negates slow and is not cumulative. Wizard Alteration 3
46 Hold Animal This spell disables movement of normal and giant-sized animals. Those that successfully make a save roll are unaffected by the spell. Does not prevent worsening off effects. Priest Enchantment 3
47 Hold Person (priest)
Hold Person (wizard)
The spell will prevent movement from 1-4 humanoid creatures at mansize or smaller for five or more rounds. If a successful save roll is made, the creature is unaffected. Does not prevent worsening of effects. Priest / Wizard Enchantment 2/3
48 Horror If successful, all affected creature will run in terror when this spell is cast. Undead and certain creatures are immune to the effect. Wizard Necromancy 2
49 Identify This spell will identify the names, the effects and curses bestowed on magical items and this is always successful. Wizard Divination 1
50 Improved Invisibility The recipient of the spell is be able to attack in melee combat, shooting projectiles and casting spells while remaining invisible. Observant enemies may find traces to attack the invisible creature. Wizard Illusion 4
51 Infravision The recipient gains the ability to see with infravision, just like elves and dwarves for the during of the spell. Wizard Divination 1
52 Invisibility Makes the recipient and armor undetectable by the eye, but are still detectable by other features. The affected can talk, eat, pick & drop items, climb stairs. Effect is dispelled when attacking, dispelled by magic, or runs out of duration. Wizard Illusion 2
53 Invisibility Purge Dispels invisibility of any creature in the area, including sanctuary, improved invisibility, or shadow door. Priest Divination 3
54 Knock Open locked, held, magical locked doors, secret doors, boxes and containers. Does not raise barred gates or anything like that. Wizard Alteration 2
55 Know Alignment (priest)
Know Alignment (wizard)
Identifies the alignment of creature, is the target succesfully makes a save roll, the caster will learn nothing. Evil creatures will glow, neutral blue and good ones green. Priest / Wizard Divination 2/2
56 Larloch's Minor Drain This spell drains 1-4 hit points of the target which are added to the max. current hit points of the caster. The max hit points will return to normal after 10 rounds. Wizard Necromancy 1
57 Lightning Bolt This spell releases a powerful bolt of electrical energy which will rebound when intersecting a wall. Inflicts 1-6 point of damage for each level of the caster and harms anybody if possible multiple times and could even kill the caster of the spell. Wizard Evocation 3
58 Luck Recipient receives +1 to any of his actions. Includes, but is not limited to thieving skills, saving throws, hit chances. Wizard Enchantment 2
59 Magic Missile The Caster may send up to five missiles at once to the target that inflicts 1d4+1 points of damage. Number of missiles depends on the level of the magician. Wizard Evocation 1
60 Magical Stone Enchants a pebble which is thrown at the target for 1-4 points of damage. It acts like a magical projectile, it can harm enemies immune to normal weapons. Priest Enchantment 1
61 Melf's Acid Arrow The caster conjures an acid arrows which does 2d4 damage. For every three levels of the sorcerer it will last another round. Wizard Conjuration 2
62 Minor Globe of Invulnerability Creates an immobile sphere around the caster that grants immunity to level 1, 2 and 3 spells. It can be dispelled with a successful Dispel Magic. Wizard Abjuration 4
63 Mirror Image This magic creates 2-8 duplicates which do exactly the same as the wizard does. Opponents must destroy the illusions first before they can harm the caster. Wizard Illusion 2
64 Miscast Magic The magic casters which are under the effect of this spell, have 80% chance of failure. It can be avoided, but it is does at -2. Priest Enchantment 3
65 Monster Summoning I The caster summons magically 8 Hit Dice of monsters, which appear in caster's range and will attack enemies. They can perform other services if there are no enemies to fight. Wizard Conjuration 3
66 Monster Summoning II The caster summons magically 12 Hit Dice of monsters, which appear in caster's range and will attack enemies. They can perform other services if there are no enemies to fight. Wizard Conjuration 4
67 Monster Summoning III The caster summons magically 16 Hit Dice of monsters, which appear in caster's range and will attack enemies. They can perform other services if there are no enemies to fight. Wizard Conjuration 5
68 Neutralize Poison It cures the poison instantly and restores 1-10 points of health Priest Necromancy 4
69 Non-Detection It renders target immune to multiple spells aimed at locating invisible beings Wizard Abjuration 3
70 Protection From Evil (priest)^
Protection From Evil (wizard)
It creates a magical barrier around the recipient. This barrier gives -2 penalty to attack rolls of evil creatures and gives a +2 bonus to all saving throws made by the protected creatures. Priest / Wizard Abjuration 1/1
71 Protection From Fire Grant s complete immunity from natural fires like torches and 80% resistance from magical fires. The spell last one round for each caster level. Priest Abjuration 3
72 Protection From Normal Missiles The caster bestows upon him-/herself total immunity to normal missile, like axes, arrows and bolts. Does not bestow immunity to projectiles conjured by magic or enchanted projectiles. Wizard Abjuration 3
73 Protection From Petrification Grants absolute immunity from petrification attacks from cursed scrolls, creatures and magic Wizard Abjuration 2 Original games two letters logo.pngBaldur's Gate I & II Classic
This icon indicates content from all original Baldur's Gate games, extensions included.

1 Enhanced Editions two letters logo.pngBaldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Trilogy
This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games.
74 Raise Dead The priest can restore life to any humanoid. This body must be in one piece. It brings the character back to life with only one hit point left. Priest Necromancy 5
75 Remove Curse (priest)
Remove Curse (wizard)
It removes the curse from the subject which is affected by a curse. It does not remove the curse from the object which caused it. Priest / Wizard Abjuration 3/4
76 Remove Fear This spell instills courage into the spell recipients, racing morale to the highest. It will negate the effect of fear. Priest Abjuration 1
77 Remove Paralysis The caster can release one subject from the effects of paralyzation caused by magic. Priest Abjuration 3
78 Resist Fire and Cold All cold or fire damage sustained on the creature affected by this spell is reduced by 50%. Priest Alteration 2
79 Rigid Thinking All targets must make a save roll or subdue under its effect. It causes characters to wander, attack the nearest person or stand confused. Priest Enchantment 3
80 Sanctuary Causes all opponents to ignore the existence of the priest, who can use the time to do all kinds of non-offensive actions. Doing offensive actions will end the effect of the spell. Priest Abjuration 1
81 Shadow Door Like Dimension Door, this grants the wizard to move to anywhere within range and be invisible as well. It can be dispelled with any means that dispel magics or invisibility magics. Wizard Illusion 5
82 Shield When the spell is cast, a barries comes into being in front of the caster that seta armor class to 4 and protection from missiles to 2. Wizard Evocation 1
83 Shillelagh Summons a magical cudgel does 2d4 with +1 bonus to attack rolls. Uses small sword proficiency to calculate attacks rolls and number of attacks. Priest Alteration 1
84 Shocking Grasp Deals 1-10 electrical damage on the target touched by the caster. It always hits unless the mage is disrupted. Wizard Alteration 1
85 Silence, 15' Radius Stops all sounds made by creatures in the affected area when casted, stopping spellcasting of the creatures affected by the spell. Priest Alteration 2
86 Skull Trap The caster throws a skull at the target area. The skull will explode in a 30 ft radius when a creature comes closer than 20 ft to the floating skull Wizard Necromancy 3
87 Sleep When this spell is cast, one or more creatures could be affected by it unless they make a saving throw. If not, they fall asleep and can be attacked with great bonuses. Wizard Enchantment 1
88 Slow This spell causes creatures to move and attack half their movement and attack rates. Negates the effect of haste. Wizard Enchantment 3
89 Slow Poison This spell cures the recipient of most poison and slows the most lethal poisons in doing damage. Priest Necromancy 2
90 Spiritual Hammer This spell brings a magical hammer into existence, which may be used to strike enemies for as long as it lasts. The basis damage is 1d4+1 Priest Evocation 2
91 Stinking Cloud This spell creates a mass of vapours, like cloudkill, but creatures must make a save roll or fall unconscious. Wizard Evocation 2
92 Strength Set the Strength of the recipient to 18/50, whether it was higher or lower before the spell, does not matter. Wizard Alteration 2
93 Strength of One Sets the Strength of the entire party to 18/76 during one turn. Priest Alteration 3
94 Vampiric Touch If this spell is cast and the caster hits an target successfully in melee combat, it will transfer 1-6 hit points from the target to the mage. Raises max hit points and if there is more life gained to restore health. Wizard Necromancy 3
95 Vocalize Allows to the cast to cast spell without needing sound to do so. Silenced charactes affected by this spell can still cast spells. Wizard Alteration 2
96 Web This spell creates a web in a large area. Creatures caught within the web are unable to move. Creatures making a successful roll, may move slowly or at normal speed out of the web. Wizard Evocation 2

List of spells (Tales of the Sword Coast)[edit | edit source]

The spells in this table are ordered by the spellbook in which they appear. This list contains only the spells added by the expansion pack Tales of the Sword Coast.

Schools of magic: Alteration, Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy.


^ : Spell is a special ability to some classes.

+ : Spell is a special ability of the protagonist earned during the game.

!  : Information on this spell may be incorrect for any reason.

# Spell Name Effect Spellbook School Level.
97 Emotion: Hopelessness The character gives over all will to higher power and will lie down if they fail to make a save roll. Raises morale of the caster if successfully cast. Wizard Enchantment 4
98 Greater Malison This spell affects all saving throws of the characters affected by the spell. All saving throws are done at -2. Wizard Enchantment 4
99 Otiluke's Resilient Sphere The recipient of this spell will be contained in a crystal sphere which grants immunity to all damage, but the subject can do nothing during it. Wizard Alteration 4
100 Polymorph Other It transform the target of the spell into a squirrel unless the target can make a save roll vs. petrification, polymorph. Wizard Alteration 4
101 Polymorph Self This spell transforms the caster into another creature. The wizards gains the physical mode, attributes, natural resistance, breathing of the creature. Wizard Alteration 4
102 Spirit Armor Similair to Ghost Armor, but is fueled by the life force of the mage. It offers a +3 bonus vs. magical attacks in addition. Wizard Conjuration 4
103 Chaos Identical in effect like confusion, but level 4 enemies are always effected by it and level 5+ enemies receive saving throws at -4. Wizard Enchantment 5
104 Cone of Cold Creates a cone shaped area from the wizard's hand which is extremely cold does 1d4+1 for every level of the caster. Wizard Evocation 5
105 Domination Enables the caster of this spell to control the actions of the victim. Target receives a saving throw at -4 to avoid it. Wizard Enchantment 5
106 Feeblemind Lowers the Intelligence of the target to the level of a moron. Victim can make save roll at -2 to avoid the effect. Wizard Enchantment 5
107 Hold Monster Spell hold any 1d4 creature into immobile state, like hold person, but for monsters. Undead are immune to it. saving throw made at -2. Wizard Enchantment 5
108 Defensive Harmony Armor class of all affected creatures gains a +2 bonus, which lasts for 10 round. Priest Enchantment 4
109 Mental Domination Allows the priest to control the action of the target, but is weaker than domination and the priest cannot cast spell during that time. Priest Enchantment 4
110 Protection From Evil, 10' Radius Is identical to Protection from Evil, effects more than one recipients. They get +2 saving throws from evil and lowers attack chance of evil creatures as well. Priest Abjuration 4
111 Protection From Lightning The recipient gains absolute protection from any form of lighting. Duration is 5 round for each level of the caster. Priest Abjuration 4
112 Champion's Strength Raises THAC0 +1 for every three levels of the caster and sets str to 18/00. Priests cannot cast spells during this. Priest Alteration 5
113 Chaotic Commands Makes an target immune for any status effects involving the mind. Charm, domination, sleep, confusion have no effect on the character. Priest Enchantment 5

Easter Egg Spells[edit | edit source]

# Spell Name Effect Spellbook School Level
114 Summon Cow Summons cow on target creature. Wizard Conjuration 2
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