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The Spellhaunt is a mist-like creature found in certain areas of Watcher's Keep.

According to Forgotten Realms lore, the spellhaunt is formed from a spell that is cast in a place where a wizard should not have made the attempt and appear to take the form of the spell they were derived from. For example, a spellhaunt that formed from a Death Fog spell resemble a greenish, acidic cloud of fog and those formed from a Fireball spell appear as an orangish-yellow, fiery masses of vaporous flame. Although no two spellhaunts look alike, they all appear as ghostly, pulsating apparitions.


The creature will attempt to move toward the closest enemy and engage in melee range attacks with its tendril-like appendages.

A successful hit on an enemy will cause some Crushing damage and drain one charge from any equipped item (if the item has charges assigned). For example, a wand, the Shield Amulet, Helm of Brilliance etc.

Additionally, the same hit also removes one memorized Wizard spell (if applicable) from the target. The highest-level spell is drained, and if there are more than one in the same hierarchy, it is determined randomly from that level tier.

A spellhaunt possesses the mist creature trait of immunity to backstab and can naturally detect invisible or hidden creatures.

The spellhaunt is not scripted to specifically look for or attack an enemy that possesses charged items or has memorized wizard spells. It only uses the default WTASIGHT script to determine what to target.

The spellhaunt is almost completely impervious to magic via 100% magic resistance, immunity to spells with a Power level between 1 through 2, as well as 4 through 9. It also is specifically immune to scores of individual arcane and divine spells. There are exceptions. See the SPELLH01.ITM for info. Don't rely on magic to destroy this creature, unless it is targeted by one that it is vulnerable to.

As the Dispel Magic (wizard) (or Dispel Magic (priest)) spell effects destroy illusionary creatures regardless of caster level, a spellhaunt will be destroyed and disappear from the map if either of those spells are cast upon the creature. Other sources of dispel magic, such as from the Inquisitor and their innate dispel magic or from Carsomyr will also suffice.

A rogue's Detect Illusion skill can also cause the creature to vanish (but no XP is awarded). However, a spell such as True Sight or True Seeing has no effect on it as determined by in-game testing.


Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems mod gets rid of the racial classification of Mist and provides a new default AI script. This will result in the creature having the ability to chase and follow the party all over the map once it has been encountered.

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