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Spell Shield grants the caster one level worth of immunity to all spells and abilities of the Magic attack type, which for the most part hosts attacks against Spell protections and buffs as well as the breath attack of many types of dragons and other specific attacks (listed below, in the gameplay section). Spell Shield makes these attacks ineffective, and then loses an amount of "levels of immunity" equal to the level of the thwarted attack. Once the shield has no more levels left, its protection falls with a recognizable sound.

The value of this spell comes from the fact that most Magic attacks cast against player characters, though particularly devastating, are actually level 0, and therefore cannot harm Spell Shield as they get thwarted by it. The in-game description for the spell is silent about them and obfuscates most of the mechanics behind its behavior.


Spell Shield
When Spell Shield is cast, the wizard is protected from the next magical attack against him. The spells that this protects the wizard from are Spell Thrust, Secret Word, Breach, Lower Resistance, Pierce Magic, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Khelben's Warding Whip, Pierce Shield, Spellstrike. If one of these spells is cast at the wizard this spell activates and absorbs the attack. However, this only works once as this spell is consumed in the process. Otherwise, it will last for the duration.


The caster applies this spell upon themself. When the casting time is finished, a text is displayed on the combat log reading "Protected by Spell Shield", and the character's portrait will display the "Spell Shield" icon. A brief lighting effect and color fade will play over the caster.

When the Spell Shield expires an audible sound effect will initialize, signaling the spell's end.

  • While Spell Shield has a level-based type of immunity like Spell Deflection, its protection is wider in that it provides cover from AoE and Power level 0 attacks.
  • Casting a Spell Shield when one is already active does not add extra levels of immunity. A fresh application of another Spell Shield on top of an active previously cast shield simply refreshes the shield with a newer one.
  • Any Spell protection remover is able to destroy a Spell Shield, since the shield itself belongs to the Spell protections type.
    • But if the removers are also of the Magic attack type, the shield will not allow them to even try removing Spell protections: The shield acts first.
    • Fortunately, all Spell protection removers in the game are of the Magic attack type, except a Fallen Solar's Bow. A single arrow can therefore remove Spell Shield and other Spell protections all at once.
    • In the original edition of Baldur's Gate II only, the Wand of Spell Striking's Pierce Magic ability is not a Magic attack either.
  • Spell Shield is the only Spell protection that works against power level 0 Magic attacks.
  • The shield takes a second or so to fall after thwarting a power level 1+ Magic attack such as Lower Resistance. Consequently, a Spell Sequencer launching several level 1+ Magic attacks will crash them all into Spell Shield before the protection falls: none of the attacks will have any effect. This game engine quirk also applies to other level-based immunities such as Spell Trap; a small delay between attacks is necessary for them to react as one would expect.
  • Note that this behavior is very apparent in high level mage combat later in the game. During a Time Stop, perhaps with Improved Alacrity, a party caster can discharge several spells in succession. If the target is protected by Spell Shield, and for example the player cast Spell Thrust, Secret Word, Pierce Magic and Ruby Ray of Reversal during the time stop in order to strip multiple spell protections - then it is an unfortunate issue that the Spell Shield will block all of the spell attacks, instead of just the first. To avoid this, remove the Spell Shield from the target before entering into the Timestop and alacrity.
  • Beyond the spells/abilities listed on the sidebar (that remove the Spell Shield after it blocks them), these abilities are also blocked by Spell Shield but do not remove it:

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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Spell Revisions mod has changed this arcane spell, revising its effects, and duration. See below for description:
Spell Shield
Level: 5
School: Abjuration
Range: Personal
Duration: 5 turns
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None

When this spell is cast the wizard is protected from the next magical attack against him. If one of those spells is cast at the wizard this spell activates and absorbs the attack. However, this only works once as this spell is consumed in the process. The spells that Spell Shield protects the wizard from are: Spell Thrust, Secret Word, Pierce Magic, Ruby Ray, Warding Whip, Pierce Shield, and Spellstrike.

Note:The quirks/bugs of Spell Shield in the unmodified game are fixed with the SR version. The SR version of Spell Shield doesn't interact with Breach at all. With this mod, Breach can be blocked by any Spell protection that can block a 5 Power level spell, or it can be blocked with the mod's "Dispelling Screen".

With the Sword Coast Stratagems mod and Spell Revisions, Spell Shield is fixed so that it is consumed by magic attack spells no matter what power level they are, which is the correct implementation of the Magic Attack vs. Spell Protection dynamic.

SCS and Spell Revisions mods ensure that Spell Shield can no longer interact with Dragon Breath attacks, as those mods have revised those innate breath weapons to have no assigned Spell School or "Secondary Type", thus ensuring that dragon breath attacks are non-magical attacks with zero Power level.

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