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Spell Immunity grants protection from spells and abilities of one spell school of the wizard's choosing.

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Casting this spell grants the wizard protection from one spell school of his choice. After the spell is cast, the wizard must choose the school he wishes to be protected from. All spells of this school will not be able to harm or aid the caster for the duration of this spell. This includes all spells from this school, including any priest spells that might benefit the caster.


Spell Immunity protects the caster from all spells, abilities, item abilities and weapon on-hit effects as long as they fit all three conditions:

  • They belong to the school targeted by the protection
  • They are not the caster's own attacks
  • They do not belong to the Magic attack type

This Spell protection can block both single target and AoE attacks of any level. When Spell Immunity successfully blocks something, the line Spell Ineffective appears in the combat logs.

All spell protection removers are able to destroy Spell Immunity. Nothing else can. This spell can be very useful:

  • When targeting Abjuration, it is the only spell protection able to block Dispel Magic and Remove Magic, and one of the few ways to resist Imprisonment.
  • When targeting Divination, it protects invisible characters from being revealed by anything other than Glitterdust, a thief's Detect Illusion, Dispel Magic / Remove Magic, and the innate ability of some enemies to ignore invisibility (the latter will not reveal the invisible characters to others in the same room; only those specific enemies will be able to target them).
  • Several spell immunities can be active at the same time. For example, a character that casts Spell Immunity: Enchantment and Spell Immunity: Conjuration is protected from both Hold and Power Word, Stun.
  • Spell immunity can not protect against magical effects that have no spell school, like some innate abilities of enemies (e.g. Psionic Maze). High-level wizard spells (Comet, Dragon's Breath...) are also school-less in Enhanced Edition and thus not affected by Spell Immunity.
  • Spell immunity does not remove spell effects that are already on the character, it only stops further spells after it is cast.
Note:A buff from another party member will be blocked by the caster's Spell Immunity if it targets the right school (e.g. a mage with Spell Immunity: Necromancy can not be healed by his cleric ally). Conversely, the caster's own Skull Trap will bypass immunity and hurt them, as it is their own spell. Minor Globe of Invulnerability is a more appropriate protection in that case.

Where to obtain its scroll[]

The Black Pits[]

Siege of Dragonspear[]

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn[]

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal[]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems mod, as of the Nov 2023 release, makes a change so that Breach now bypasses spell immunity by being effectively level 10.

Spell Revisions mod has replaced the "Spell Immunity" spell with Dispelling Screen. See below for description:
Dispelling Screen
Level: 5
School: Abjuration
Range: Personal
Duration: 5 turns
Casting Time: 5
Area of Effect: Caster and nearby allies
Saving Throw: None
By casting this spell, caster creates a transparent, permeable barrier that shields the caster and allies from Dispel Magic and Breach spells. The barrier dissipates after one instance of Dispel Magic or Breach. Spells higher in power that remove specific protections like Pierce Shield and Spellstrike remove Dispelling Screen from target without getting absorbed by it.

Note:With installation of the mod, all party and enemy casters will no longer have access to Spell Immunity, and it is removed from the game. No scrolls of Spell Immunity will be present either, replaced by Dispelling Screen or others. Note that this spell can be cast upon allies in a group. Now, party members and opponents can shield themselves from Dispel Magic effects (AND Breach spells), including non-arcane spell casters, where before there was no way to do so in the saga. Sword Coast Stratagems spell casters routinely apply this spell if that mod is installed alongside SR. This is a noticeable gameplay changer and opens up more tactical options, while closing some others.

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