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A Spectral Harpist is an undead spirit of a Harper of "..the past that guards the present. We harp as specters that others would find rest here." Three spectral harpists can be found on the second floor of Galvarey Estate at the Athkatla Docks.


Spectral Harpist are immune to non-magical weapons and poison, have 100% resistance to cold and electricity, and 44% magic resistance, in addition to immunity to many other effects and spells (see InfoBox, right).

Their melee attack does 1d2 (slashing) +2d4 (cold).

As undead Harpers they also have an innate ability called Deathsong which causes Morale failure in enemy targets, leading to Panic for 60 seconds. It also grants the harpist 100% Magic resistance and a +8 bonus to melee damage for 36 seconds.

Related Quests[]


  • All three creature files (HSpectr1.cre, HSpectr2.cre, & HSpectr3.cre) are are male in Gender and without Race and Class, however their Appearance animations are different; respectively, they are Female Elf Cleric, Male Human Fighter, and Male Elf Mage.
  • Other than appearance, all creature files are virtually identical, except for the Elf Mage harpist who wears the Robe of the Good Archmagi (which is not dropped upon death).


  1. HSpectr3.cre