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Sorsha is druid-assassin hired by an anti-magic faction in Athkatla during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign. She only appears in the Planar Sphere during the final phase of the Mage Stronghold quest.

You shall pay for this, and pay dearly.

Sorsha is accompanied by six others, including four fighter-assassins named Sergeant Natula, Tyrian, Vilhelm, and Jalin Tix, along with Mahar (a Monk), and Alnarow (a Thief).

At the beginning of combat, Sorsha casts Bark Skin, Bless and Animal Summoning II. If the animals are killed she can follow up with Call Woodland Beings. Invisibility Purge and Charm Person or Mammal are also possibilities. She might also cast Flame Blade before closing to melee. If brought near death, she can cast Cure Serious Wounds (×2) and Heal.

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