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Sorcerer as shown on the map but titled "Mage" in the game files is a creature encountered during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6 in the North Forest (Shadows of Amn) area.


— Shout from the mage when the party is seen


This spell caster is part of an unknown mixed group of adventurers or perhaps mercenaries encountered in about the center of the area map. The whole group is hostile to any intruders that are detected.

The mage is protected by several layers of stoneskin due to an item he equips. A trigger will automatically cast another when he is damaged, or if a stoneskin drops to a single skin.

The conjurer will most likely be able to get up its initial buffs, that can't be interrupted.

See the Infobox for the sort of scripted spells he'll be trying to cast. Some of these can be disrupted, some are force cast and can't be disrupted.

Although he has the GPUSE script, he has nothing ready to use, including the Wand of Paralyzation which is just in the general inventory.

If destroyed, he'll drop several items that can be collected as loot.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems mod assigns a Smarter Mage AI script and a new memorized spell book of scripted spells. He'll have a prepared Minor Sequencer, and Spell Sequencer to instantly deploy.

Initial protective "previously cast" buffs will include Mirror Image, Shadow Door, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Fireshield (Red) (or "Mesthil's Acid Sheath with SR), Shield (spell), Protection From Normal Missiles, SI Evocation (or "Dispelling Screen" w/ SR), Stoneskin, and Non-Detection.

The mage has two potions he's scripted to quaff for boosting abilities or to heal damage.

With installation of the Spell Revisions mod, all will be that version. If the SCS IWD spells component or the IWDification mod is installed, some of those will be scripted for use, such as "Vitriolic Sphere".

If the player installed the The Broken Lanthorn then the mod names this sorcerer "Heinonny" and adds a unique "Ice Slime" summoning figurine. That item could also have further involvement later in the questline.