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The Genie first encountered within the Circus Tent in Waukeen's Promenade addresses the party with a question, which is a puzzle or a riddle of sorts. The party may not pass unless the riddle is at least attempted to be solved. Select an answer from the multiple choices displayed.

Paraphrased for brevity, the genie says:

Aha! I see a wayfarer has come to amuse Kalah! You must answer a riddle, naturally, ere I will allow you to pass this bridge. Are you ready to hear it? Excellent! A princess is as old as the prince will be when the princess is twice as old as the prince was when the princess's age was half the sum of their present age. Which of the following, then, could be true?

The correct answer is: "The Prince is 30, and the Princess is 40".

If the incorrect answer is given, the genie mocks you and gives a second question:

Here it is then, my friend: The poorest have it, the richest need it, but if either were to eat it, they would certainly perish. Tell me what it is!

The correct answer is: "Nothing".

Solving the genie's puzzle (or killing it) is needed in order to advance across the bridge. [1]

  1. The riddle is a variation on the Puzzle of "How old was Mary?" from Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of Puzzles.