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Smuggler's Cave is one of two caverns marked on the area map for Amkethran. The remote nature of the village means that Smugglers play a vital role in the supply chain for the village welfare and for its economy. The cavern has access to an underground stream, which the smuggler's utilize as a secret way to move goods in and out of the area, while avoiding Calimshan government and regional taxes and tariffs. It is implied that some of the goods may be contraband or even stolen items. In the recent past, both the Monastery and the Smugglers coexisted without conflict and that helped with the sustainability of the village, all benefitting from the arrangement. However, Balthazar and his current goals have now disrupted the balance in the village, especially with the influx of mercenary forces to fill out a growing Army and plans for war.

Visiting the Smuggler's Cave[]

The party may enter the cave at any point in Chapter 8. Upon entry of your party, you will observe the presence of five smugglers, and a few seconds afterwards will appear four monks. No action can be taken as dialogue plays out - you seem to have entered and overhear the lead monk addressing the smuggler leader Carras. The monk is heard to say, "These mercenaries have filed a complaint that you are selling stolen goods, Carras. This operation is closed, and all merchandise is forfeit to the monastery."

Carras relies "This is ridiculous! The monastery has never objected to our actions in the past."
The monk then says "Tell us where Esamon is Carras, and we will let you go."
Carras answers "Esamon isn't here - I haven't seen him in weeks."
The monk replies "Then I will arrest you instead. For your sake, I hope Esamon shows up before we find it necessary to... interrogate you."
Carras cries out "No! You can't do this... This is an outrage! When did the monastery become a puppet slave to the whims of a bunch of foreign mercenaries?"
Monk says "Silence, Carras! Wait... what is this? It seems we have a would-be customer in our midst. The infamous child of Bhaal, if the descriptions of Balthazar are at all accurate."
The monk continues, addressing your party, "I could arrest you for being an accessory, Bhaalspawn. However, I am in a generous mood. I suggest you leave now, and don't interfere in our business here."

The party now has some dialogue options. To boil it down - you can either leave the monks to their business, or you can let the monks know that you disagree with their actions. You can even do this in a confrontational and insulting way if you prefer. If you don't leave the monks be, then at some juncture of the dialogue the monk leader will shout "To arms my brothers! we are attacked!". The monks will become hostile and engage you in melee combat. They will employ Stunning Blow and Quivering Palm attacks, so beware. The smugglers do not join the fight. Each defeated monk is worth at least 10,000 XP.

If you speak with Carras after the monks are defeated, he says "Thank you for your assistance in this... unpleasant matter. I'm sure that if Esamon were here himself, he would offer his thanks as well."

You have a few dialogue options that center on your opinion of Esamon, and if his other name is actually Saemon Havarian, and whether you owe him a "debt of pain" for past treachery. Carras says to this "Our leader goes by many names, but I assure you I do not know his current whereabouts. Whatever your trouble with Saemon... I had nothing to do with it."

If you do not attack or harm the smugglers, you can carry on with interacting with them, and perhaps perform some shopping/selling. Visit Carras page for further information. Note that the smugglers will only be available for basically one shopping session, and will then leave the cave for good.


There are four containers, that look like chests in the rear of the cave. There may be goods or loot in them. You can freely explore these if you wish. Perhaps if your party has one with thieving skills, they should check them first.