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Small Tree of Life Nut can be acquired in the first chamber of The Palace in Suldanessellar during Baldur's Gate II Chapter 7.


A small hardened fruit harvested from a section of the Tree of Life that grew into the palace. There is no obvious use for the smaller fruits, but they have power and should be kept.


The party can acquire two types of nuts from the Tree of Life - a smaller nut and a larger nut. The larger nut looks and smells delicious and is edible.

There are four small nuts, and four large nuts provided by the tree.

The small nuts are not edible and can't by pried open no matter how hard you try and force it. No explanation is given for what purpose they have, if any, but their inherent power will come in handy later in the adventure. Keep these small nuts in your inventory.

These small nuts are flagged as "Critical" items.

The larger nuts are described on the Large Tree of Life Nut page.