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Small Shields are lightweight shields with significantly more surface area than bucklers, allowing for better protection against physical attacks. However, neither of these two smallest shields protect against missiles. Small shields have a weight of 3 lbs and it requires 4 strength to wield them.

The shields are available in three colors. The BG1 versions are round wooden shields with metal padding, whereas the BG2 versions have the shape a Wedge, with additional indents at half height.


The Black Pits[]

Sold by[]


A small shield is usually round and is carried on the forearm, gripped with the shield hand. Its light weight as compared to a medium shield permits the user to carry other items in that hand, although he cannot wield or carry another weapon.

Current Designs (Enhanced Editions)[]

Older Designs[]


  • Heraldy Shapes in the wikipedia describes a number of shield shapes that are used for heraldy, but match shapes for actual shields, since their designs are used both for real shields as for plaques for buildings and apparel. It signifies the protection provided by the noble house associated with the colors and/or imagery.