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Slug is a male ogre, and the chief of a small tribe that dwells in a concealed camp in the center-east portion of the Underground River Entrance map in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. He is the mate of a female ogre named Murs. He has been taken captive by the Crusaders, however, and locked up in a cage in the Warrens, along with a couple more ogres from his tribe.

They take Slug away from Murs. Slug take heads away from bodies.


Murs gives the party the quest The Dungeon Slug after successfully completing Murs and the Brigands.


Reuniting Slug with Murs and asking them to join against the crusade, is required to get the following:

All the Allies Achievement icon SoD
All the Allies
Recruit all the bonus allies possible for the final battle. [Read more]


Slug and Murs are the two members comprising the American hip hop duo Felt.