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These two Slaver Wizards are encountered on the Slaver Stockade ship that's located in the Slums district. The human wizard has a couple of lines of dialogue when a party member first enters his sight, but none of it is of any significance.

"By the gods! Haven't we paid off enough of the council to not have you idiot Amnian soldiers barge in here every time you feel like filling your arrest quotas?"

"Hold! You're not soldiers of Amn... This changes things. Destroy these fools, men! Captain Haegan shall give a pearl to the one who makes the first kill!"

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems mod provides both wizards with the "Smarter Mages" AI script. Their spells are mostly unchanged from unmodded. The second wizard (SLMAGE2) has a Minor Sequencer prepared for use loaded with double Horror spells.

The Golem Construction for Spellcasters mod provides the mages with a Lesser Clay Golem for support.