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A lone Slaver Guard stands just outside of the front door to the Copper Coronet when Gorion's Ward and Party first arrive in the Athkatla Slums during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

Sword Coast Stratagems assignns new default SCS Fighter AI scripts for smarter tactical behavior. All creatures on this page have been revised in terms of weapons proficiencies and also have assigned appropriate weapon fighting styles. In general, the various guards will have slightly better THAC0, damage capability and armor class.

Copper Coronet[]

At first the party may wonder why the Slaver Guard is hanging around the Copper Coronet, since he has very little to say: "Is 'ere somethin' specific ye want?" No, not really. "Smart." If asked what he is guarding he'll say "This? It's an inn. Copper Coronet. Go in an' ask fer yerself."

This slaver guard (Slaver4.cre) is found only in the evening, and is a precursor for all of the other Slaver Guards the party might soon have to deal with.

He is protected by Chain Mail, Small Shield and an Open-Faced Helmet. He can only melee with a Long Sword. His only other possessions are 13gp and he is worth 165 XP if slain.

Slave Procession[]

Sometime later, but always at night (Hour 22 until ??), the party may witness two more Slaver Guards dragging a Slave out of a Ship House (marked "Slaver Stockade" on the player's map) to the east of the Copper Coronet, and leading him through the streets, south by the Slums Storekeep, then west towards the front of the Copper Cornet.

Slave and Guard procession

Talking to the Guards directly gives the responses, "Stand aside, fool, or you'll regret it." and "Get lost. It be no o' yer business." and finally, a red status message: Slaver Guard has nothing to say to you. If the party is in the vicinity of the Amnish Soldier during the procession, the Slave calls out to him.

  • Slave: G-guard!  Guard!  Help me, please!
  • Amnish Soldier: What's this I see?
  • Slaver Guard: You ain't seen nothing'. (A sack of coin is handed to the guard)
  • Amnish Soldier: Right, then. Move along, citizens.
  • Slaver Guard: Much obliged, soldier.
  • Slave: What? Are you not going to uphold the law?!
  • Amnish Soldier: I see no wrongdoing, here. As I said, move along
  • Slave: N-no! You cannot do this!
  • Slaver Guard: Quiet! Or ye'll be squished, bug!

The Slave then cries out to the Party:

  • Slave: You!  You there!  By Helm, please help me!
  • Slaver Guard: I says quiet!

If Minsc witnesses this exchange, he shouts, "I will not stand and watch men carting slaves! ...GO FOR THE EYES, BOO..." at which point he attacks the Slaver Guards.

The real reward here is freeing the slave, for which the Party splits 5,500 XP, after which the Slave says, "The blessing of Helm upon you! Thank you for saving me from the life of a slave" before he wanders off and disappears.

There are two Slaver Guard types in the Procession; both are Human Males of 3rd level:

Top  |  Door Guard  |  Archer  |  Slaver Guard 1  |  Slaver Guard 2

Lead Slaver Guard[]

The Slaver Guard leading the slave in the procession (Slaver2.cre) is a Fighter protected by Chain Mail and melees with a Long Sword, with a +3 Damage and -1 THAC0 bonuses from Exceptional Strength. He is worth 165 XP, and carries 17gp.

Top  |  Trailing Slaver  |  Door Guard  |  Archer  |  Slaver Guard 1  |  Slaver Guard 2

Trailing Slaver Guard[]

The Slaver Guard trailing the slave in the procession (Slaver3.cre) is a Thief protected by Studded Leather Armor, Buckler and High Dexterity (AC -3 bonus), who can melee with a Short Sword or attack at range with Throwing Daggers.

His is worth 135 XP, and carries 22gp.

Note: This slaver has all thief skills set to 0, despite his class.

Top { {| { {Lead {Slaver { {| { {Door {Guard { {| { {Archer { {| { {Slaver {Guard {1 { {| { {Slaver {Guard {2

Slaver Stockade[]


Entrance to the Slaver Stockade can be gained either by the front door from the Slums, or via the Sewers beneath the Slums, accessed through the Copper Coronet as part of the quest to Free Hendak and the slaves.

The front door is guarded by a lone slaver guard (Slaver1.cre). If asked about the building or going inside, he says it's "none o' yer business, so begone with ye." Telling him, "I've heard that people have seen strange things around here...people being led about in chains. What can you tell me about that?" results in hostilities after he replies, "Ye should've learned to keep yer nose out of our affairs!"

The door guard is protected by Splint Mail and an Open-Faced Helmet and wields a Two-handed Sword.

He is only worth 20 XP, but he carries 45gp and a Fire Agate Gem.

Top { {| { {Lead {Slaver { {| { {Trailing {Slaver { {| { {Archer { {| { {Slaver {Guard {1 { {| { {Slaver {Guard {2


Inside the Ship House is a single floor where a number of different Slaver Guards are immediately hostile to the party's intrusion.

None of these Slaver Guards have been given names by the game developers, so they will be referred to by their Creature Codes, a summary of which, is outlined below. They are all worth 420 XP each, and altogether, there are four of each type within the Stockade:

Slaver Guard Archer[]

The only Bowmen of all the Slaver Guards, these Archers (SlaArch1.cre) are protected by Studded Leather Armor, and attack at range using a Composite Longbow +1, Arrows +1 (×10) and mundane Arrows (×40). A Short Sword is reserved for any party members closing to melee range.

They can be looted for 17gp.

Note: This guard's class is Ranger, despite having an inconsistent Alignment of Neutral Evil.

Top { {| { {Lead {Slaver { {| { {Trailing {Slaver { {| { {Door {Guard { {| { {Slaver {Guard {1 { {| { {Slaver {Guard {2

Slaver Guard 1[]

Slaver Guards of type 1 (SlGuard1.cre) fight with Flails adding a +1 Damage bonus from Strength. They wear Open-Faced Helmets and Splint Mail. The Blunt weapon proficiency does not modify Flail weapon, so it actually makes them non proficient in Flails, and thus, they get a -1 THAC0 penalty. Probably developer bug.

They are worth 420 XP and carry 14gp.

Top { {| { {Lead {Slaver { {| { {Trailing {Slaver { {| { {Door {Guard { {| { {Archer { {| { {Slaver {Guard {2

Slaver Guard 2[]

Slaver Guards of type 2 (SlGuard2.cre) fight with Scimitars adding a +1 Damage bonus from Strength. They wear Open-Faced Helmets and Splint Mail.

They are worth 420 XP and carry 14gp.

Top { {| { {Lead {Slaver { {| { {Trailing {Slaver { {| { {Door {Guard { {| { {Archer { {| { {Slaver {Guard {1

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