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Slave Leader is a speaking NPC that interacts with the party in the Mind Flayers in Underdark area.

You... you have freed us, stranger. Thank Ilmater! You cannot imagine what a horror it was, nightmare after nightmare without the ability to awaken!


When the player finds the Illithid Serum and then visits a strange chamber with machinery and unmoving humans with tubes attached to their bodies you see a series of screen text information displays:

When you examine this strange device, you notice that it seems to be pumping some sort of liquid into the veins of the unconscious surface-worlders. Looking more closely, you see that there is a tube where you could put more fluid.
If you wanted, you could pour the illithid serum that you obtained from the previous room into the tubes of this machine.

Assuming the player does use the serum and pour it into the tube, a text displays:

You pour the fluid into the machine. Almost immediately, you notice the liquid being pumped into the surface-worlders' blood change color. A few minutes later, you notice that the change has occurred in all the machines across the room.

The humans, who are currently slaves of the illithids awaken from some kind of drug induced psycho state, for what purpose is unknown.

Afterwards the Slave leader will speak in grateful appreciation for saving the group from a horrible state of nightmares and hallucinations during their "sleep". Through some dialogue and questions the party learns that these surfacers from Myratma were somehow captured while adventuring in the Underdark. The Leader, who tells you his name is Camaris Highcastle, informs you of what he knows to be going on:

The mind flayers must have surprised us. Next thing I remember, we were hooked to these machines. It was strange... you could see everything and... be aware... but not quite. They somehow used our minds to power those machines over there. It makes necklaces... circlets rather... which the mind flayers use to control their slaves. If you were captured too, I... I can only imagine the next batch of circlets would have been meant for you. Good thing you escaped when you did.

With this knowledge in hand, it is possible that perhaps some of these Control Circlet items could be produced by the party - using the illithids own machine to do so. The circlets may prove to be a valuable tool while in this horrid place.

The Slave leader will wish you luck and says that the slaves can fend for themselves while you try and find a way out of this psionic hell hole.


If the party succeeds in its mission and finds the Elder Brain Blood, the Slave Leader and his group will speak with the party again before departing the illithid complex.

Note:if for some reason the player decided to slay a slave in the chamber, before the serum was used - A text message displays: "The death of one slave causes the entire city to shake, disrupting the machine and destroying the rest of the slaves."

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