When Skull Trap is cast, a magical skull launches itself to the center of the target area and floats there until detonated.


Skull Trap
Upon casting this spell, a skull is thrown by the caster at the target area until a creature comes within 20 ft. of it. When this happens, the skull is triggered and explodes, damaging everyone within a 30-ft. radius. The damaged inflicted is equal to 1d6 Hit Points per level of the caster, or half with a successful Save vs. Spell. When casting this spell, it is wise to set it far away from the party lest they set it off accidentally.

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The Black PitsEdit

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Baldur's GateEdit

Shadows of AmnEdit

Throne of BhaalEdit

Gameplay Edit

  • About one fifth smaller blast range than Fireball, but scales up to level 20 instead of 10, and dishes out magical damage, not the more commonly resisted fire type. If a high level mage stock up three Skull Traps in one Spell Sequencer, the max damage potential would be as high as 3 x 20 x 1d6. Do notice the delay before the explosion though, and place the traps accordingly.

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